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Reckless Driving In The Drives Started on 23/12/2017 by Son of Onslow with 4 replies [763 views]

Attempted burglary Started on 27/12/2017 by Anon [563 views]

Merry xmas Started on 22/12/2017 by Joe Mc Dermott [602 views]

Seasons Greetings and aw that... Started on 22/12/2017 by James Mc [335 views]

Kitchen Started on 17/12/2017 by Anon with 2 replies [566 views]

Glazier Started on 19/12/2017 by Anon [313 views]

Toys To give to charity free Started on 5/11/2017 by anon with 5 replies [666 views]

heroin use Started on 17/11/2017 by anon with 2 replies [1045 views]

new restaurant Started on 16/08/2017 by foodie with 10 replies [705 views]

Old Golfhill School site redevelopment Started on 15/03/2017 by Frank Plowright with 47 replies [709 views]

Carpet / Flooring Started on 11/12/2017 by Anon with 3 replies [437 views]

Car MOT and full service Started on 11/12/2017 by G with 2 replies [368 views]

Secondary glazing? Started on 23/11/2017 by Fiona with 3 replies [534 views]

repair to cooker and washing machine Started on 5/12/2017 by Anon with 2 replies [412 views]

Shelving job Started on 4/12/2017 by Mike with 1 reply [427 views]

Plasterer Started on 30/11/2017 by Fiona with 1 reply [589 views]

Coventry Drive Started on 19/10/2013 by Jan Jackson(nee Boyd ) with 11 replies [455 views]

local charity looking for school choir/singers etc Started on 22/11/2017 by Freedom Cafe with 2 replies [439 views]

new forum format Started on 22/11/2017 by jeanette with 11 replies [839 views]

Fitted wardrobes Started on 15/11/2017 by Anon [445 views]

Basement coal chute Started on 1/11/2017 by Chris Leslie with 4 replies [807 views]

Keys Found Started on 15/11/2017 by CC [370 views]

Electrician Started on 10/11/2017 by The Mentalist with 2 replies [373 views]

Parking on the pavements Started on 5/11/2017 by Swan with 3 replies [570 views]

Joiner Started on 9/11/2017 by Notwavingbutdrowning [295 views]

New build flats at Whitehill Street / Finlay Drive Started on 6/11/2017 by Anon with 8 replies [643 views]

Joiner Required Started on 8/11/2017 by DA [533 views]

recommendations for eyebrows Started on 17/10/2017 by anon with 2 replies [360 views]

New format Started on 23/10/2017 by James Mc with 7 replies [643 views]

ground floor flat in Coventry Drive area Started on 27/10/2017 by Fab with 2 replies [749 views]

Indian Restaurant that used to be in Marne Street Started on 24/10/2017 by Paul G with 1 reply [617 views]

Demolition/regeneration Millerston Street Started on 23/10/2017 by Anon_l [389 views]

Bulk item uplift Started on 12/10/2017 by Dolly with 11 replies [314 views]

Wheelie bin cleaning Started on 16/10/2017 by Anon [267 views]

Bike stolen from close- Garthland Drive Started on 9/10/2017 by Ollie with 3 replies [294 views]

Wishart street Started on 24/05/2017 by Bamber with 5 replies [256 views]

Running Club Started on 4/10/2017 by Jim A with 2 replies [516 views]

research about living in the East End Started on 3/10/2017 by Anna Gawlewicz with 3 replies [288 views]

Painter Started on 28/09/2017 by anon with 1 reply [204 views]

Shops across from drygate on duke street Started on 28/09/2017 by Sean with 2 replies [283 views]

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