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20 Circus Drive


I was wondering if anyone knew about the history of this site please?

Was there a house there in the past?



Barry - 29/11/2016 11:26:41 AM (IP: Logged)

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According to the website where the land is advertised for sale, there used to be a 2 storey semi-detached Victorian villa on it. Hope that helps.
curiouscat - 29/11/2016 1:36:56 PM (IP: Logged)


Two semi detached terraced houses. One of them has only been demolished after 2009. They were already present on the ordnance survey map of 1893.

You can still see it on google street view if you set the date in June 2009.


Matt - 29/11/2016 1:53:49 PM (IP: Logged)

The previous property on that site was gutted by fire in 2009, the remainder being demolished shortly afterwards.
Mr knowledgeable - 29/01/2017 10:55:31 AM (IP: Logged)

I remember the house and actually witnessed the fire. It was a very traditional and quite nice Victorian semi but it had a slightly odd appearance as it was the surviving half of the original pair of semis. I am not sure what happened to the other missing half. The site is now for sale with a view to it being developed.
Jmea - 30/01/2017 8:30:09 PM (IP: Logged)


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