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Old Golfhill School site redevelopment

There is to be a consultation at Milnbank Housing's premises on April 5th from noon about plans to develop housing on the site of the old Golfhill Primary School on Circus Drive, and along Firpark St. Current plans are that only the south facing school entrance facade will be maintained and 145 flats are planned.
Frank Plowright - 15/03/2017 8:22:38 PM (IP: Logged)

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145 flats in an overcrowded area.
The Mentalist - 16/03/2017 3:00:08 PM (IP: Logged)

thats will be good for parking
anon - 16/03/2017 9:56:37 PM (IP: Logged)

Not to mention more cars in an already overcrowded area.
Amy - 16/03/2017 9:57:50 PM (IP: Logged)

Biggest scandal about this is that a grade B listed building has been allowed to deteriorate to the point of only a facade being saved. Not that that is something unique - seems to be a recurrent issue in Glasgow ...
... and that such a large site with development potential has been sold for a reported mere £550,000. Do the sums on 145 2-bed flats and that's a fat profit. Although will potentially create a fair amount of extra income via council tax.
On parking, the conditions for granting permission will stipulate that adequate parking will need to be made available on site - that's been standard for a long time.
Otherwise, while I'd have preferred the original building to have been preserved and a park or gardens created on the 'brownfield site', the land being used rather than derelict is a good thing but would better to have a few larger 'family size' units included in the development. That bit of Firpark St. has been the scene of a few sexual assaults over the last few years probably because it is a bit deserted due to the lack of residential properties, so this will mean more people in the area and properties that overlook the street so should improve safety on one of the main routes into the city centre from Dennistoun. Hope proper consideration will also be given to any impact on the Necropolis.

Malarki - 18/03/2017 11:05:14 PM (IP: Logged)

it would be good to see planning for green spaces to be part of the plan. The development along firpark street has a lot of nice communal green space and is nicely landscaped. Hopefully whatever is developed on the site will incorporate some decent planting to enhance the housing.
James - 23/03/2017 8:03:58 PM (IP: Logged)

Parking - current plans show 1 space per flat, but the spaces are all up at one end and not properly spread across the development.

Visitors parking - none shown on plans

Loss of current street parking due to all the new road junctions shown. Also one block shows off street parking accessed from Firpark Street, so even more street parking lost.

Loss of existing amenity space where locals walk their dogs on the old school pitch.

Height of new buildings - all are higher than surrounding buildings. Also will cause a shadow over the care home (literally speaking), shame they had those solar panels installed.

Also at peak hours there will be a big increase in vehicles using the junction onto Wishart Street and the Parade, its bad enough as it is at hospital visiting time.

The existing plan is a bit of a joke, doesn't comply with GCC Design Guide for residential areas.

Also, issue with paying just £500k for the site, easily worth triple that. For some reason site is referred to as 'brownfield', is this due to the derelict school building? or the school pitches?

When sold it was also mentioned that if less that 150 units are built there will be a reduction in the sale price! Given the height of the proposed development, that may happen. Is there a government body this can be reported to?!

CV3V - 24/03/2017 1:35:42 PM (IP: Logged)

The layout will be the following:

A first building along firpark street, next to the firpark court development. This building will have a corner "tower" of 6/7 storeys, with the rest of the building at 4 storeys (like firpark court). This building will have 70/73 flats and 46 parking spaces around it.

Next building along firpark street, a bit set back to have some parking space between the street and the building. Again 4 storeys, with 16 flats and 37 parking spaces around it.

Third building still along firpark street almost reaching the junction with circus drive (at the same level as the old school). Still 4 storeys with 24 flats. Parking spaces shared with the old school renovation.

The old School, retention of the façade and some new build behind, 31 flats and 62 parking spaces.

The janitor's house, 2 bedroom single house.

The new 4 storeys build will have approximately the same height as the old school building, firpark court and hanson park developments.

total 142/145 units and 145 parking spaces.

Mal - 24/03/2017 8:31:16 PM (IP: Logged)

Mal - i have seen the draft plan, i call it draft because it doesn't comply with GCC Design Guide, and should fail a design audit.

First building, 73 flats, 46 parking spaces.
Second building, 16 flats, 37 spaces. Set back parking all requires access off Firpark Street resulting in a loss of existing parking space, replaced with private parking spaces.
third building, 24 flats, 62 spaces

Interesting to see how the layout works given the drop in height from Firpark Street to the football pitch.

The access from Circus Place would, i reckon, result in the loss of about 8 existing parking spaces to provide safe access/egress. A loss of space for existing residents (detriment).

Parking layout doesn't practically work, its unbalanced towards the school end requiring a long walk to building one which is short of spaces.

GCC have on certain recent developments insisted on more than 1 parking space per unit. Looking at parking issues at Hanson Park and Firpark Court this makes sense.

No visitors parking provided, against GCC design guide.

Loss of existing car parking on Firpark Street is detriment to area, again DCC design guide.

Tower is 7 storeys, adjacent to Firpark Ct 4 storeys.

CV3V - 24/03/2017 10:42:27 PM (IP: Logged)


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