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anyone know why the co on the parade is closed? iceland were doing a roaring trade yesterday :)

anon - 20/03/2017 1:43:28 PM (IP: Logged)

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They're having a re-fit. They had notices up in store last week for dates they'd be shut. Not sure when they're open again properly.
curiouscat - 20/03/2017 4:44:41 PM (IP: Logged)

What's happened to co-op?
Went to go into the shop the other day and it's downsized. Is this a permanent thing or is it a refit?

anon - 13/04/2017 11:28:50 PM (IP: Logged)

A per the post above yours, they're having a refit. Full sized shop re-opening in May.
curisouscat - 14/04/2017 12:33:52 PM (IP: Logged)

Does anyone know what date the Co-op is due to reopen on?
gg - 8/05/2017 7:35:08 PM (IP: Logged)

I believe it opens again this Friday the 12th May.
CC - 9/05/2017 2:42:57 AM (IP: Logged)


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