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Off road parking on Firpark Street

Has anyone noticed the little blue car parked on the grass near the necropolis wall ? Thought it had been abandoned at first but it seems someone is using it as free parking on Firpark Street. The tyre tracks are also making a mess of the area. Makes me angry when people are so inconsiderate never mind the rest of us have to pay for parking.
Sophie B - 13/09/2017 12:19:16 AM (IP: Logged)

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I've seen this too! Mentioned it to a parking warden but they didn't seem interested. Does anyone have any ideas who this should be reported to?

I've reported lots of parking issues but don't feel like it makes any difference at all.

G - 13/09/2017 3:34:25 PM (IP: Logged)

I thought it was abandoned too and reported it to the council. They say it's not abandoned and as such can't do anything!
James C - 13/09/2017 3:35:13 PM (IP: Logged)

Saw it yesterday, what a joke if the council won't do anything about it, its torn up all the grass. // so its ok to drive over the pavement onto the grass and park there?! Might try that in George Square then.
CV3V - 13/09/2017 6:33:25 PM (IP: Logged)

I know, it's crazy. Just keep on making a mess of the grass.
You'd think the Police would have noticed by now, as its been happening for a few weeks now

Jay - 15/09/2017 9:05:30 PM (IP: Logged)

Where can this be reported to so that something is done?

I'll happily report if I see it but it doesn't sound like anyone is interested.

Nothing has been done when I've complained or reported issues before.

Anon - 16/09/2017 10:43:08 AM (IP: Logged)

maybe take a picture of the car and the damage to the grass and forward on to councillor Alan Casey, he is on Facebook, and ask him to take up with the council.
CV3V - 16/09/2017 8:27:41 PM (IP: Logged)


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