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New flightpath over Dennistoun area proposed

Glasgow Airport is proposing to replace their present ground-based navigation system with a new satellite navigation system by 2019.

The proposal includes changes to current flightpaths that their consultation document states will improve the flow of air traffic whilst reducing fuel use, emissions and the number of people affected by aviation noise.

Marker: Celtic Park - 4,620ft above ground level based on 7% Procedure Climb Gradient

The proposed flightpath (FLEMN) passes over Bishopbriggs, Balornock, Royston, Dennistoun, Haghill, Bridgeton, Dalmarnock, Rutherglen and Castlemilk and is intended to make aircraft more efficient and address the needs of their operators by providing shorter routings that reduce fuel burn.

Local residents are concerned that the proposal doesn't adequately take into consideration the impact over densely populated areas of Glasgow.


Fiona posted her response to the consultation in the Forum: "As aircraft noise pollution is known to be associated with higher rates of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes it might be nice if areas of the city where residents are already affected disproportionately by these health issues were spared the compounding influence of this new route."

Pat - "I also wonder if this proposed path will add to the already high levels of air pollution in Dennistoun?"

Jacq Munro, Chair Dennistoun Community Council - "if you want the community council to discuss this then come along to our next meeting on Feb 13th 7 - 9pm at Salvation Army Hall"

Drop in Resident's Meeting

Residents meeting on new flightpath over Dennistoun area
Wednesday 28th March 2018
Drop in between 5-8pm
Whitehill Sec School, Onslow Dr, Dennistoun
How will the new flightpath from Glasgow airport over the Dennistoun area affect you. Airport staff will be in attendance to answer your questions. Meeting organised and hosted by Councillor Kim Long.

Proposed changes to Glasgow Airport's flight paths have caused concern in some of the areas affected - BBC Scotland

Community groups in Bearsden, Dennistoun, Uplawmoor and other areas are worried about the impact.


Glasgow Airport will decide on changes to their flight paths after considering the views of those who take part in the consultation which closes on Friday 13 April 2018. You can submit your response or submit an enquiry online.

Noise Action Plan Consultation 

Glasgow Airport will also be carrying out a 13-week consultation on an updated Noise Action Plan that closes on Friday 13th April 2018.

updated: 4/4/2018 BBC Scotland Link
updated: 22/3/2018 Residents meeting

Jan 29, 2018

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