Dennistoun Walk - author seeking local tips!

Stephen Millar posted on the 12/11/2020 9:05:35 PM

Hi - my name is Stephen Millar, and I am writing a book Glasgow Hidden Walks. I am researching a Dennistoun Walk and was looking for any unusual anecdotes, stories or information that would help me - and later walkers - get a good feel for the area. Eg, Lulu lived here, that house was haunted by a poltergeist, pop band practiced there, ghost signs on a certain building or site of a community garden etc. I've got a fair amount of info on history, architecture and some more modern stuff, but locals always know more. Any suggestions appreciate. cheers Stephen (author Tribes of Glasgow, London Hidden Walks, Edinburgh Hidden Walks..)

#1 - mark replied on the 8/12/2020 11:37:29 AM

midge ure first band silk stayed in bathgate st bak in the day mid 70s think 2nd close down on the right or 3rd

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