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Reckless Driving In The Drives

Son of Onslow posted on the 23/12/2017 1:48:14 PM

Thank you to the individual who ran me and my bicycle off the road on Broompark Drive on Wednesday afternoon .
Cyclists do have a right of way especially if in their own lane despite the parking problems . There is a speed limit in operation in the UK and it is customary to stop after an accident .
Thankfully I only fractured a cheekbone and other bruising but the bicycle needs more care
A bruised face is especially welcomed at this time of year.
Perhaps next year you may show some concern for others you may encounter when you're driving by giving us a chance . But I doubt it as obviously you have no concerns for others in the community and wouldnt monitor this forum .
Which leaves me with the only option to warn others that you are around in Dennistoun .

4 Replies :

#1 - Paul replied on the 23/12/2017 10:43:36 PM

Sorry to hear about this. Shocking attitude and far too many drivers like this. Did you get the car's registration?

#2 - Son of Onslow replied on the 24/12/2017 12:45:36 PM

No , he was travelling way too fast and my aim was to try and avoid him before he clipped me and by the time I got up he was gone .
Only saw that it was a white saloon type car I'm afraid .

#3 - G replied on the 26/12/2017 11:45:19 PM

Hope you’re alrigh SoO. I hope you reported this as well. It’s unlikley that the police would catch based on the description but it should still be reported.

The amount of people that double park, park on double yellows or on yellows to jump into the corner shop on Broompark Drive is a worry. //

#4 - Pat replied on the 27/12/2017 1:10:13 PM

It's not just customary to stop after an accident, it's the law and it carries a maximum 6 month sentence. I've been barged off my bike countless times in the Drives. The only thing that will stop these lunatics is more traffic calming and public education.

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