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Billy Parker fisher st

joe mc dermott posted on the 13/05/2019 5:45:45 PM

I was out with Billy today in Glasgow today he asked me iff anyone remembers him from the 60s, 70s we meet up every month or so cheers folks

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#1 - Anon replied on the 29/07/2019 10:16:47 AM

Does he have two sons?

#2 - Billy Parker replied on the 30/07/2019 10:15:30 PM

Yes he had two sons one however passed away in an accident , I am meeting Billy tomorrow in Gllasgow we go for walks into the town cheers Joe

#3 - Billy Parker replied on the 30/07/2019 10:16:30 PM

Hello Anon Billy and I were out for a walk in town today he is wondering who you are we are old pals going to back to the sixties in his fisher st days Joe

#4 - Billy Parker replied on the 5/08/2019 4:52:18 PM

Hello again Annon im meeting Billy tomorrow in Glasgow you can post a note to him yourself cheers Joe

#5 - Ronnie Jamieson replied on the 10/08/2019 12:09:31 AM

If he had a sister called Betty, I knew the Parker family well. I lived in Fisher St for years before moving to Cranhill.

#6 - anon replied on the 11/08/2019 10:59:21 PM

Hello Ronnie Billy phoned me this morning ans told me he saw your reply on the forum he is going to get in touch with you we are meeting on Tuseday at the corner of duke st and whitevale st at 11 am cheers Joe I remember you also

#7 - Billy Parker replied on the 11/08/2019 11:00:36 PM

Hi Ronnie remember you and Tommy well. Betty now lives in Carntyne and is doing well I am meeting My pal joe who remembers you this tuesday at the top of Whitevale st at 11am .We go for walks around the east end it's good fun .All old friends boys or girls it would be nice to catch up

Cheers Billy

#8 - Ronnie Jamieson replied on the 31/08/2019 11:40:35 PM

Hi Billy, Just picked up your reply. I should have told you I moved to Somerset in 1982. Give my regards to Betty, is Bobby still around? We had some great times, happy memories. I lived in Cranhill for a time, and went the out for a few pints with Bobby around 1978.

#9 - Billy replied on the 1/09/2019 11:43:00 AM

Hi Ronnie .Somerset what a great move.Do you remember Rab Lamb he now lives in Bournemouth.We Bobby died about ten years back.Betty asked me to say hello I go walks with Joe
McDermott and Ian Rennox all around the east end and we always seem to finish up at the rocks remenising ,Any old friends out there boys or girls get in touch you would be very welcome . laugh guaranteed.Thanks for your reply Ronnie Cheers Billy

#10 - Ronnie Jamieson replied on the 1/09/2019 1:48:08 PM

Hi Billy, Sorry to hear about Bobby, we had some great times. I was in their house in Carntyne a few times before Janet and I moved to Glenrothes in the 70s. It was a long time ago when we lived in Fisher St. Sorry I don't remember Rab, Tam my brother died 4 years ago after a lengthy illness. We were in Glasgow earlier in the year, we stayed in the Radisson Blue in Argyle St. Had a walk around Duke St, it didn't seem to have changed much there. Cheers, Billy. Say hi to Betty.

#11 - Billy replied on the 2/09/2019 12:40:20 AM

Sorry to hear about Tommy.I lost my wife Linda 20 years ago this year after a long illness but life goes on .I have said hi to Betty for you

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