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Pat posted on the 28/12/2017 2:28:48 AM

A pair of bams just tried to mug/attack me on Armadale St. Stepped out of a taxi and said goodbye to my pal, walked down Armadale St. A man in his 50's walked past me and suddenly did an about turn and followed me closely. Before I could react, his pal was walking up the street at me, saying "what's the problem? You lost?" As they approached I guess they saw that I was much bigger than both of them. I stood still and said "on you go". They clumsily sauntered past, offering multiple apologies... Dennistoun clearly has a long way to go...

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#1 - Anon_l replied on the 28/12/2017 6:56:33 PM

Well considering they didnt touch you i think describing what happened as trying to attack you/mug you is a bit exaggerated.

#2 - Anon_P replied on the 28/12/2017 9:58:39 PM

Pat - what did they look like other than being in their 50's, it sounds like you got a good look at them? It would help if you really think they were putting people in danger of being mugged etc.
Maybe one of them had just walked on too far and turned around when they realised and that's why their mate was walking towards you to catch up with them? and possibly they were talking to them asking if they were lost?

You're right in that Dennistoun has a long way to go, but more so with people's attitude towards it. These things happen in all towns and suburbs of major cities, if you choose to live in a city sometimes you have to deal with a minority of bad eggs, it could be much much worse than assuming somebody was going to mug you...

#3 - anon replied on the 29/12/2017 1:11:21 PM

"tried to mug me". Aye right mate. Very good.

#4 - Pat replied on the 29/12/2017 7:23:46 PM

It's fair to say that this activity is not exclusive to Dennistoun. I simply posted the original comment to warn people to be extra vigilant.

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