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Bin Men leaving doors open

Frank Plowright posted on the 8/05/2017 2:21:11 PM

I'm sick and tired of bin men leaving the front close door and back door open when emptying bins. I've complained about this on numerous occasions and am always told that bin men are under strict instructions not to do this. I've heard this many times over the years, but never anything further. If I squeal loud enough it's a couple of months before the problem begins again. According to police reports at community council meetings there have been a spate of break-ins and attempted break-ins over the past few months, and bin men leaving doors open are making this easier. I intend to pursue the complaint more vigourously, so could you please add a note if bin men have left close doors open in your block in the last couple of months.

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#1 - Anon replied on the 8/05/2017 6:45:34 PM

I used to have to complain about this on a regular basis but I took it to the depot manager and told them about burglaries in the area and said that if it continued I would go to the press. I also removed the hook from the front door and when the lock broke, the new lock had it's snib removed so the close door can no longer be left open. That said, I have had to remove (and subsequently complain about) cans, rocks, sticks and large bits of metal!!! being used to prop the door open. I have asked the bin men to respect the security of the close and tbh we haven't had an issue for months. Definite improvement here.

#2 - Pat replied on the 8/05/2017 10:36:50 PM

They do this in my close EVERY TIME. They also sound like they're dropping a piano down the stairs...

#3 - Concerned replied on the 9/05/2017 9:53:25 AM

Its via the Service buttons most of these burgularies happen. Postman should have a key or just buzz somebody to get in.

#4 - Swan replied on the 9/05/2017 6:14:59 PM

Yes, they regularly leave our back close door open (Onslow Drive).

#5 - anon replied on the 9/05/2017 10:21:27 PM

This is a constant state of affairs in Wood Street (off Alexandra Parade). As above, I have complained and the situation improves and then it slips back

#6 - Lady Stardust replied on the 9/05/2017 10:57:13 PM

Yep, it happens here on Finlay Drive constantly too. Today I came home at lunchtime to find both the front and back doors left wide open.

#7 - Jack replied on the 10/05/2017 10:44:11 AM

Yes,always they have no respect,Tuesday i had to shout down from my 2nd floor for them to close back court doors,which they did with a grunt,then left front close door on the snip(open) Craigpark.

#8 - anon replied on the 10/05/2017 12:49:47 PM

We are the same in Meadowpark St however its usually our back door thats left wide open. Front door has a closing mechanism on it however they have been known to jam it open with bricks from a neighbours garden.

#9 - Gillian replied on the 12/05/2017 9:48:15 PM

Most weeks in Garthland Drive

#10 - DENNISTOUN gal replied on the 13/05/2017 2:25:54 AM

Me too, they usually leave front door unlocked and sometimes the front door is left wide open, also the bin area is left in a state, there's more rubbish around the bins than in them, [garthland drive]

#11 - Pat replied on the 15/05/2017 9:19:10 AM

Super glue the snib or take it to a locksmith who will remove it for about £15
back door is a constant problem though. (Roslea)

#12 - Peter Douglas replied on the 16/05/2017 8:44:05 PM

Break in at 5 Westercraigs (11am 16 May). Contractors for one property continually leaving door on snib. Cheers!

#13 - mm replied on the 19/05/2017 9:20:34 AM

Not only doors being left ajar but the deafening noise made as the bin men bring the wheelie bins to the anterior of our building.Large chunks of stone have often been knocked out of the common stair area.Each time this occurs, We ,the home owners are billed by our factor (R&L) for the repair of stonework. No more ! If it should happen again, I will bill Glasgow City Council !

#14 - anon replied on the 19/05/2017 11:52:17 AM

AWFUL have complained to GCC so many time, the noise, the mess, the fact they only take a few bags and leave bins full!! (roslea)

#15 - Swan replied on the 23/05/2017 4:06:47 PM

If you'd like a very specific example, this morning at about 10.30 (Tue May 23), I found my front close door in Onslow Drive wedged open with a milk carton, and my back close door wide open. I closed both.
The blue recycling bins were outside, but there was no sign of any operatives or vehicles anywhere. Every close in the street, as far as I could see, had blue bins on the pavement. So if doors had been left open at every address - and this was for at least 15 minutes, if not considerably more - the risk of burglary was extremely high.

#16 - Gillian replied on the 23/05/2017 7:56:42 PM

Came home to find latch off on the front door and the back door unlocked

#17 - Gail replied on the 23/05/2017 7:57:37 PM

Hi Frank, have you progressed this yet? I have completed the feedback form on GGC tonight as still having issues.

#18 - Frank Plowright replied on the 30/05/2017 9:24:13 PM

Apologies for the delay in getting back to everyone, but there's not been much to report until recently. I mentioned this to the police at May's meeting of Dennistoun Community Council and they said they would liaise with bin men, but I won't hear back about that until the next meeting on June 13th. I have now talked with a supervisor who was sincerely sorry, and couldn't have been nicer. He again explained that all bin men are given strict instructions not to leave doors open, and will call each shift in to tell them in person that disciplinary action will be taken if this occurs again. The collection teams are split into red and blue teams, and he'll leave a note for the second team as well. I've heard this before, and have no doubt as to his good intentions, but the pattern has been a few months of doors being closed before they start being left open again. However, I now have the direct phone number for the depot, and would suggest anyone experiencing the problem from this point calls on 554 0358 and leaves a message asking to be called back. I would hope enough people calling when there is a problem will solve it once and for all.

#19 - Concerned replied on the 31/05/2017 10:30:38 AM

I bet most burgularies happen in the morning though.

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