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Building Factor Recommendations

anon posted on the 9/05/2017 1:48:02 PM

Can anyone recommend a building factor they use/used that is good...or do they not exist?

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#1 - Frank Plowright replied on the 9/05/2017 4:23:54 PM

Milnbank Housing come recommended by anyone I know that's dealt with them. Their costs are higher than most on a monthly basis, but include a wealth of services for the money. They do insist that work is carried out on properties to bring them up to a decent standard before they'll take on a property. Before appointing anyone check the (voluntary) code of conduct and steer clear of anyone not complying. I'd also ask any prospective factor if they carry out customer satisfaction surveys and make the results available, and steer clear if that's not the case.

#2 - CV3V replied on the 9/05/2017 4:25:06 PM

It is probably a subject that will give mixed suggestions based on experience. But i had consistently good service from Milnbank, proactive, didn't over charge on anything and they have their own trades in house who are used to working on Dennistoun's tenements.

If you are considering a factor for an existing unfactored building (tenement?) then bear in mind that before a factor takes over they will want all essential repairs completed. However Glasgow Council are keen to get more buildings factored so offer a 50% repair grant in such circumstances. A factor such as Milnbank would actually manage the quotes and repair process even though they are yet to be appointed.

#3 - MG replied on the 9/05/2017 5:35:15 PM

We weren't able to change our factor to a housing association (various reasons but mainly because they need all owners to agree to the change). Newton Property Management now run our building, they are a huge improvement from the previous factor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

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