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Dennistoun Private School

Colin posted on the 27/03/2017 8:09:32 PM


My mum and aunt briefly went to a private school on Onslow Drive. It was at the corner of Onslow Drive and Craigpark and was probably number 9 Onslow Drive.

My mum thinks it was called Dennistoun Private School.

It was one of the tenements that had its rooms converted into classrooms and there was a 'playground' out in the back garden area with a school bell at the top of the stairs.

My aunt was there from about 1952 to 1955.

Please reply, if you know anything about the school - I'm doing some research into the family tree and it would be really appreciated.


7 Replies :

#1 - James replied on the 28/03/2017 1:57:42 PM

Hi Colin - I have not heard of this before but do know that 9 0nslow Drive is not a tenement but a red sandstone terraced house.

#2 - Colin replied on the 28/03/2017 5:17:22 PM

Hi James

Thanks for the reply.

My mistake - I said tenement but should have said it was a house.



#3 - Alan replied on the 17/04/2017 9:42:55 PM

Hi Colin, Dennistoun Private was a school in Onslow Drive. It may well have been at the corner but it was not number 9. My friend from school days whom I occasionally still see lived in number 9 which was on the other side of the road. He did go to Dennistoun for a few years until he moved to a school in town which is where I met him. The big house on the opposite corner was for many years the manse of the Barony Church. This probably isn't telling you much but at least it confirms the existence of the school. I'm guessing here but it may have shut in the mid/late sixties.

#4 - Jay replied on the 26/04/2017 8:32:02 PM

Back in the 1960's I went to a private school in Onslow Drive in a red terraced house, but it was for commercial purposes run by two women. This is where I achieved certificates in shorthand/typing if that is of any use. The tuition took place in two of the rooms so I presume the women who ran it lived at these premises. I used to go there once a week after work

#5 - Euan replied on the 30/06/2017 1:49:34 PM

Hi Colin,
I was there for a couple of years in the early sixties. It was in Onslow drive but the infant class met in the church hall round the corner. I used to have to wear a red cap...but that's about all I remember!!

#6 - Ruth replied on the 11/07/2017 4:58:05 PM

Yes I remember seeing small boys wearing red caps - I can't remember girls going there though. We went to Golfhill. I'll ask my brothers if they remember exactly where it was. Which church hall did the infants meet in? was it the red sandstone building where the chapel hall is now? I'm pretty sure it was early 60s - I don't remember seeing them in the late 60s

#7 - Colin Campbell replied on the 17/10/2018 1:19:55 PM

Hi Colin,
I was born in 1952 in Whitehill Street and went to Dennistoun Private School till I was 9 and prior to that the nursery school round the corner in Craigpark, I think in the Church Hall. I suppose I was there from 1955 / 56 till1961. Yes it was red caps and my mother still has mine today. The school was very much mixed with boys and girls in roughly equal numbers. Class sizes were about I think 20 kids and they covered 3 years in one class. So teachers did a good job keeping the different years busy all the time. I still see my best friend today who lived in Golfhill Drive. We used to meet in the morning and walk down to the school together. You never mentioned your mothers name or when she was there although my memory is not great my mum's still is good so I can ask her. If you want to ask anything best to email me at .

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