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Help for a bagpiper?

Davie Roberts posted on the 2/07/2017 10:07:27 AM

Hi folks. I'm learning the bagpipes and have been now for a year. I live in a tenement in Dennstoun which isn't ideal for a piper, or the neighbours. ! I have great neighbours. & I have promised to limit my practise to ten mins per day at a reasonable hour . Anyway , to the point . I'm finding this really frustrating & would like to practise for 30/60 mins most days. Does anyone have a garage, part of a church hall or business or a padded cell that I could use? Also, you really need to like auld Lang syne !

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#1 - Big Wullie replied on the 2/07/2017 12:50:09 PM

Use the practice chanter more or go to the local park, also is there a drone mute avaliable.

#2 - Davie replied on the 5/07/2017 10:04:36 PM

Ah thanks for your comments willie. I need to practice the full pipes really tbh. ( stopping the drones doesn't help me practice keeping them in tune , adjusting the reeds etc. ) Also, even doing this, the bagpipe chanter is loud. I also need to practice keeping the bag at a constant pressure, and get my blowing technique right. The practice chanter is no help with this, and the blowing techniques are very different. Anyway , can I appeal again to my lovely fellow Dennistounians for some practice space ?

#3 - Jay replied on the 9/07/2017 4:44:49 PM

years ago someone used to play the bagpipes at the top of the hill in Alexandra Park. far enough away from everyone

#4 - Ruth replied on the 11/07/2017 5:00:03 PM

need to be very far away! I think the padded cell is your best bet :) They drive people demented in Kelvingrove Park for a few weeks every year. Couldn't the council refurbish one of the disused tunnels as a practice area? Deep in the bowels of the earth it would be a mildly haunting sound, rather than a banshee wail. Are there any soundproofed recording studios in dennistoun who might be persuaded to do a very cheap rate for the public good?

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