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Improvements to Dennistoun

Pat posted on the 31/07/2017 11:11:27 AM

I've been thinking recently, what top ten things would you like to see in Dennistoun? This may have been done on this forum before but I think it's important to be constantly thinking how we can improve the area (and constantly reminding our elected representatives of this)
In no particular order:
1.More trees
2.Better Pavements and roads
3.Segregated cycle paths
4.Less dog poop
5.Wheelie bins instead of old metal bins
6.20 MPH speed limit
7.More regular public transport
8.Less scabby looking streetlights (that don't shine mostly into your flat)
9.Less litter
10.Less betting/tanning shops
Any thoughts?
What's your top ten?

32 Replies :

#1 - Tonsil replied on the 31/07/2017 12:20:55 PM

1.Grass cutting
2.Grass cutting
3.Grass cutting
4.Grass cutting
5.Grass cutting
6.Grass cutting
7.Grass cutting
8.Grass cutting
9.Grass cutting
10.Grass cutting

#2 - James Mc replied on the 31/07/2017 12:22:38 PM

In no particular order:

One way system
Diagonal Parking (one way system allows this)
Residential parking permits
Designated dog areas and wardens to police use
Duke Street weekly market (with closure)
Open air cinema / theatre space
Community Museum
Ghost tours
Extension of the subway to the east end (or tram service)
Some sort of communal square for cafes, picnics, rallies
Small business hub/park for new tech and startups
Dedicated separated bike lanes along Duke St

#3 - Akln replied on the 31/07/2017 3:49:46 PM

I agree with grass cutting, specially around the Firpark/Glofhill area.

Better pavement, street furniture and trees on Duke street, something like what they are planning to do on Sauchiehall street.

An access to the necropolis from Dennistoun, I understand the wall is listed and can't be touched but maybe a little wooden footbridge over it could be feasible.

Some murals on the wall around the Tennent's factory, it almost looks like a jail at the moment, specially on the upper part.

#4 - Pat replied on the 31/07/2017 6:40:26 PM

Some really good suggestions!
I googled, 'more trees in glasgow' and lo and behold, the west end is getting more trees.
If we want something we have to ask for it!

#5 - Boaby replied on the 31/07/2017 10:16:17 PM

I'm with James Mc on (most of) his suggestions:

Residential parking permits
Designated dog areas and wardens to police use
Duke Street weekly market (with closure)
Open air cinema / theatre space
Community Museum
Ghost tours
Extension of the subway to the east end (or tram service)
Some sort of communal square for cafes, picnics, rallies
Small business hub/park for new tech and startups
Dedicated separated bike lanes along Duke St

#6 - James replied on the 31/07/2017 10:17:38 PM

More trees would be great. There is a spectacular lack of greenery in Dennistoun. Alexandra park is lovely but it would be good to see planting along Duke street and the Parade.

#7 - Jen replied on the 1/08/2017 9:46:29 AM

Great suggestions so far!
I'd like to see:
1. a small petting zoo for the children in the park
2. astrology club with frequent socials
3. a community theatre for the classics
4. ghost tours
5. pedestrianise the drives
6. more shops, especially curiosities and a local independent apothecary
7. remove asbestos
8. regular patrols
9. a local cat cafe with cat drop in centre
10. a salsa night

#8 - The Mentalist replied on the 1/08/2017 12:25:11 PM

I'm up for the cat café!

#9 - CV3V replied on the 1/08/2017 4:18:11 PM

How about:

An official, fenced off dog walking park. Could be on the grass at Duke St beside the Tenants Brewery.//
A dedicated cycle lane into the city centre (the west end is getting one).
The council enforcing the double yellow lines.

I am not asking for much!

There was a plan (before the recession) for Bellgrove Station to be moved to other side of the road (onto the abattoir side) with a public square to also be built, farmers market in the abattoir building, never know, may still be happen one day.

#10 - Amarita replied on the 2/08/2017 8:43:03 AM

I'm all for a dog park. This might reduce the amount of dog poo in the streets. I would also like more community wardens to patrol to cut down on the dog poo offenders.
It would be great for a better variety of shops other than bookies, tanning and charity shops.
A designated cycle lane as Duke Street is quite scary to cycle on.
An extension to the subway would be fantastic!
Some sort of annual festival like the East End Social which was great, bringing live bands to play in the local churches and having more organised arts events. Perhaps WASPS could do more?
Definitely the old metal bins replaced.
Lastly, and this may not be popular but controlling the seagull population. They are a nightmare with the noise and mess they make tearing open rubbish bags.

#11 - local replied on the 2/08/2017 1:47:32 PM

There already is a dog park in whitehill street .How about a people park with no dogs .A Cat cafe sounds great.Dogs already well catered for, cant get moving in the pubs for them.Hard to disagree with any of the suggestion made here.

#12 - The Mentalist replied on the 2/08/2017 4:49:20 PM

Who would want to live next to a dog park?

#13 - CV3V replied on the 2/08/2017 4:50:10 PM

The square on Whitehill St isn't an official dog park, dog walkers just started using it after it was fenced in and i think its caused a few problems, that little square would be far better for local kids to use.

#14 - Pat replied on the 3/08/2017 12:02:16 AM

I would like to see the private gardens in westercraigs opened up, it makes me sad to see them not used. I don't think the residence use them enough.

Also the green area in front of annfield place could be opened up.

Some information about gap sites from the council would be good too!

#15 - Jennifer replied on the 3/08/2017 4:04:38 PM

I'm not convinced the dog park idea would prevent dog mess on the streets - the dogs still have to get there after all! But it might help in the parks.

The seagulls often wake me up, no idea why they make so much noise at night but it seems quite obvious they're attracted by all the rubbish. That's up to individuals to dispose of their rubbish properly though and I don't know how you improve that. Wheelie bins might help as sometimes rubbish not in bags just gets left in the metal bins, and the lids wouldn't get lost.

I would love a cat cafe!

#16 - Jacq replied on the 3/08/2017 4:06:00 PM

Some of these ideas are already being addressed by the Community Council and we are always needing more input so if you want to see them made reality please do get in touch at or come along to our meetings.

Next meeting is Tues 8th Aug at 7pm at Salvation Army Hall on Craigpark Drive.

Also I have recently been sent a spreadsheet with all the vacant sites in the area and wider Glasgow - I am not able to share it here but happy to share at CC meeting

Chair - Dennistoun Community Council

#17 - CV3V replied on the 3/08/2017 8:02:27 PM

Jacq - perhaps one of these local vacant land areas could be used as a replacement for the loss of the old Golfhill school playing fields if the redevelopment goes ahead. There will be the compensation money from the loss of playing fields to lobby for.

#18 - Bamber replied on the 3/08/2017 8:59:37 PM

Cycle lanes along the Parade and Duke street wouldn't cost much (only 1 km each) and could start more cycling,less cars hence helping with the car-parking problem.

#19 - Pat replied on the 4/08/2017 12:32:06 AM

The GCC Community Asset Transfer register (over 4000 entries) is now available on the GCC website. Search for,'Community Asset Transfer' in their search box and the Excel document is bottom right under 'Related documents'
It's the latest part of an act brought in by Holyrood in January. (Search the web for the aforementioned act and you'll find screeds of information on the subject)

#20 - Mark replied on the 1/09/2017 4:22:41 PM

More social housing and less gentrification.

#21 - Dennistonian replied on the 1/09/2017 11:08:10 PM

Amarita has said exactly what I planned to say. Only thing i'd add is that it would be nice to see empty spaces being used. For example, the old abbatoir site could become some sort of park space until it's finally decided upon what it should be used for. Perhaps more murals on the wall too. These could become a feature and turn into some kind of 'trail'.

#22 - Meddy replied on the 2/09/2017 9:43:14 AM

The corner of Meadowpark Street onto Duke Street (tiny piece of ground) is extremely unkempt and is a real eyesore, as an entry point into the drives. Visitors commented it was the worst looking corner along Duke Street.
Any greenery or small seating area would be a definite improvement.

#23 - Pat replied on the 3/09/2017 8:37:40 PM

Please, no more murals!
There are some OK ones in the city centre, but I think they're too urban for this community. (and some of the graffiti artists doing them need to learn a bit more about perspective and foreshortening)

#24 - Liz replied on the 4/09/2017 10:08:22 AM

I totally disagree about the murals. It would brighten some very grey walls up and give people another reason to visit the area. I don't know what you mean by 'they're too urban'. We aren't exactly living in Desperate Housewives suburbia. Dennistoun is a very mixed community with a rich history and the mural(s) could reflect that. It's also full of creative people and art spaces, including the Wasps studios and Market gallery. Agree that they should be of good artistic quality though.

Also very much agree about the huge wasted space across from Bellgrove train station being used as a temporary park until whoever owns it decides what to do with it.

#25 - James Mc replied on the 4/09/2017 12:32:59 PM

Murals are fine if they get changed every so often. Some of the ones done in the 70s are all peely flaky these days.

#26 - Pat replied on the 4/09/2017 1:01:28 PM

I'm one of those creative people and some of the murals in town make me want to scream they're so badly done. Do you really want a wonky spray painting of Lulu to define Dennistoun?

#27 - Dennistonnian replied on the 5/09/2017 10:26:19 AM

Definitely not. In that case I've changed my mind about the murals!!

#28 - James Mc replied on the 6/09/2017 9:48:31 AM

I don't like 'famous people' murals. As a great fan of Billy Connolly, I don't like the murals of him. Or feelgood 'glasgows miles better' type of feelgood propaganda. Murals should be art, not advertising.

There are some really great ones - there was a scottie dog up Maryhill Road last year that was really good.

#29 - Anne Smith replied on the 8/09/2017 7:58:01 PM

Wheelie bins a good idea but people tend to leave them in the street. Bristol is awful. Harrogate where I live now is brilliant. Been back to Dennistoun where I was born. Alexandra Park looked a lot better. Is Aberfeldy Street and Aberdour Street any better? Last time they were not the lovely streets I and my pals lived in.

#30 - Angela replied on the 14/09/2017 8:32:50 PM

Have to say I agree with most of the first Top 10 (Pat's) & most of the others too.

There's way too much litter/dog mess in & around the streets/pavements of Dennistoun, I for one have already complained to the GCC about the litter strewn all around Duke Street & surrounding streets off of it. I don't know why the council can't get a handle on the situation? It can't all be the fault of the locals.

I'd also like to see something useful done with the old abattoir on Duke St.

Yes to better public transport services (extension of Subway/better trains/more stations) and cycle routes/lanes.

Ghost Walks & a Cat Cafe also appeal to me. Generally more nice, locally owned cafes/businesses that are unique & bring people outwith the area to Dennistoun in a similar vein to what Shawlands & surrounding areas have done.

#31 - James Mc replied on the 15/09/2017 10:30:59 AM

If I still lived in Dennistoun, I'd love to organise a ghost walk - love Dennistoun history, and would enjoy writing a creepy script and telling stories.

Would need someone actory to perform it, though :)

#32 - Anne Smith replied on the 25/09/2017 6:06:24 PM

Don't even entertain the idea of a dog park. Has been tried where I live and the smell was awful, Could be smelt from afar. Just be more stringent with fining people. Do you suffer with the problem we had here (Yorkshire) people picking up dog poo and then tying the bag on a tree? This is a no brainer.

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