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Lost cat?

Gallowgater posted on the 10/03/2017 3:04:45 AM

Hi folks. Probably nothing but spotted a black cat out without a collar this evening on my way home from work. Not unusual I know but walk home around this time most nights and have never seen it before.
It was near the bottom of bellgrove Street which isn't a great area for it to be roaming due to the volume of foxes that roam the old abattoir site and railway line.

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#1 - Malarki replied on the 11/03/2017 1:46:16 PM

Probably not a lost cat but will keep an eye out for any notices - there're are a few about at the mo.

On the fox and cat thing - foxes aren't a danger to cats. Its an urban myth, just like foxes attacking children. I've always had cats live with me, foxes have often been present in the neighbourhoods and often have frequented our garden. If anything, my cats (including small females) have chased or attacked the foxes and not the other way round. For the most part they just ignore or avoid each other. The bigger danger to cats is road vehicles.

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