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Nextbike - Duke St/Parade cycle route?

Dashed posted on the 20/09/2017 1:45:41 PM

The new Nextbike hire station is in next to Alexandra Parade station. Loads of stands have appeared on corner opposite Duke St station too. Either that's the Duke St one or the Tavern has requested a lot of bike parking! Handier for me than the one at Bellgrove but really busy junction.

I know cycle routes come up from time to time - anyone know if there are any actual plans? I heard the council looked at the Parade a while ago but don't know if it came to anything?

There are protected cycle routes called the West City Way and South West City Way and a South City Way is due to start on Victoria Rd ( What road would you choose for an East City Way?

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#1 - CV3V replied on the 20/09/2017 8:51:29 PM

There is a cycling strategy, its on the council website if you can find it, take a bit of looking. Alexandra Parade is a planned route, but i couldn't work out if it was Duke Street or the Gallowgate as the other main route into city centre. The impression i got from reading it (months back) was that the east end wasn't getting much focus, it was all west end (as usual). There have been comments on here before about making Duke Street a proper cycle way into centre, its wide enough and could go through Collegelands. But, as always, it needs people to get complaining to the council and our local councillors! The well to do in the west end are far better at complaining than us eastenders!

#2 - Bamber replied on the 20/09/2017 10:34:44 PM

There is definitely an increase in students cycling along Duke street to the High street. Just change the double yellow line to a cycle lane.They will save a lot of money.

#3 - Dashed replied on the 21/09/2017 12:02:17 AM

It's hard to tell from strategy map if Parade is one of three East City Ways ( I thought it looked like 1: Duke St, 2: Gallowgate and 3: London Rd? Just wondered if there was preferred 1st choice route. Duke St is more direct but Parade has more space.
No point in painted lanes when cars park all over them. Scot Gov have just increased money for active travel. Could community ask city council to bid for next year?

#4 - CV3V replied on the 21/09/2017 11:57:20 AM

There is a document called Strategic Plan for Cycling, there is a drawing in it showing the proposed cycle ways. One of the cycle ways shows it being adjacent to Alexandra Park, and implies its on the north edge of Dennistoun. It also shows it is 'in development'. But agreed, hard to tell. I would have thought Duke Street a better route in as its more flat, the parade has the hill to get over at the infirmary.

Painted lanes on roads, mixed in with parked cars and buses seems dangerous, much better schemes exist in Europe.

#5 - James Mc replied on the 21/09/2017 1:41:05 PM

Maybe they plan only to take you along the Parade until before the hill, then across the front of the new flats at Firpark St, and through the hospital somehow. This would miss the hill.

#6 - anon replied on the 22/09/2017 10:02:44 AM

There seemed to be news about woodlands cycle development recently and again you can't help but feel the east end is being short changed. Duke street could be an easily developed route but instead in recent years they have made changes to make cycling more dangerous there, e.g.. the filter traffic light at bellgrove street which leads cyclists to navigate to the right of the 2 lanes to avoid getting cut up by left turning vehicles.

#7 - Dashed replied on the 22/09/2017 10:05:07 AM

CV3V: Maybe you mean the other graphic than the one I linked to? Either way they're both vague. There are some plans and funding for South City Way, Sighthill and Woodside ('mini Holland' + Sauchiehall St). Some sketchy plans for Byres Rd but doesn't look like there's any for East End.

James Mc: Glad it's not just me who's thought of that! Warnock St goes through hospital site to a gate then metal stairs to Castle St. Maybe in Netherlands you'd get some kind of ramp but doubt it in Scotland. Hill is tricky bit on Parade route - shame as it has wide pavement past most shops.

#8 - yuv replied on the 30/09/2017 10:05:43 AM

Lots of people cycling along Duke street today. The number seems to be increasing every month(probably because the students are back),so no excuse for the council,not-paintng cycle tracks on either side.

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