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Onslow Drive green for sale?

Malarki posted on the 18/09/2016 11:02:06 AM

Recently noticed for sale signs strapped to the railings of the green on corner of Onslow Drive and Whitehill St.. However, clearly not the green for sale but a property somewhere nearby. Not the first time noticed estate agents doing this and have also seen them putting up little signs on lamp posts with arrows on. I find this a bit annoying as think the signs are an eyesore but tolerate them when directly outside a property for sale - attaching them elsewhere seems an imposition. Anyone know if this contravenes planning rules or bylaws?

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#1 - johnny replied on the 20/09/2016 9:49:28 AM

yes its illegal - its known as "fly posting" and anyone caught fly posting "street furniture" the police will issue them with a fine.
the estate agents see this as a bit of free advertising but will deny all knowledge to the police if questioned.
so its just down to if the police actually catch the person as they are doing it

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