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Open Fires and Chimneys

SSSl posted on the 16/04/2016 7:12:50 PM

Dear All,

We are thinking about sorting out our original open fire in our flat but we don't really know how to go about it. Anyone got any ideas? Do we need to get the chimney survey? Are there any rules about open fires in tenements?


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#1 - Alan replied on the 16/04/2016 11:12:35 PM

I really don't think building regulations would allow it plus your insurance company won't be interested.

We enquired about it last year, (excluding the Insurance issue) there can be no flammable materials within a certain distance of the fire, the entire chimney duct had to be lead lined that was gonna cost over £3,000 (ground floor) and the chimney pots all had to be changed. They also said we would need to pay to get our neighbours flats surveyed where the chimney travels through.

Don't let this put you off however.

#2 - fiona replied on the 18/04/2016 12:00:41 AM

We have an open fire place. We had people out to do a smoke test and check the integrity of the flue which, for us, was fine. They then installed the correct chimney pot on the roof for us. You will not be allowed to use smokey fuel as Dennistoun (and the whole of Glasgow I think) is a smoke control area. We just use the firelogs that you can buy from Home Bargains etc for £1...they are suitable for smoke control areas and are really clean and will not test your chimney too much (won't lead to a lot of deposits which would mean your chimney has to be cleaned more regularly.) They don't give out a lot of heat but they look the part and that is what we were after.

#3 - Sam replied on the 5/05/2016 1:04:06 PM

Thanks for your responses. I was aware about the smokeless zone. Who did you use to do the smoke test Fiona? Thanks.

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