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Possible new Dennistoun resident

Alex posted on the 27/07/2017 1:48:26 PM

Hello everyone

I might soon be moving to Dennistoun, on Whitehall Gardens.

I've seen the area and it seems alright, I work in the city centre so will have to commute from there either by bus or train.

Anything I missed about the area I should know about?

Seems like Dennistoun has people look a bit puzzled when I mention that.

Someone said it's fine for locals, but as a foreigner I might not blend in nice.

Any tips?


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#1 - James Mc replied on the 27/07/2017 5:53:31 PM

Nah, Dennistoun is pretty cosmopolitan these days, as with everywhere there are yobs and thickos, but in the main you will be happy there. People are pretty decent ordinary around there.

My uncle lived in Whitehill Gdns for many years and my grandparents lived across the green on Armadale St for a long time.

It's a nice bit, halfway between the Parade and Duke st, handy for buses and shops.

#2 - Alan replied on the 27/07/2017 5:54:59 PM

I came from South Ayrshire and I get on fine with everyone. Dennistoun has changed over the years. There is working class, there is bohemian, there are students, professionals and everything in between. I believe being accepted into an area like Dennistoun isn't about your background - it's about who you are today.

As far the commute goes it's a great walk back home at night (with a pit stop at redmonds or tibos for a drink depending on how your day has went).

All in all there is a few nasty incidents however they happen everyone. I absolutely love it here. Closer to the city centre, the motorway, hospitals and about 30% cheaper flats than over in the west. A very underrated area.

#3 - CV3V replied on the 27/07/2017 5:56:59 PM

It’s usually born and bred west enders and south siders who have that puzzled look on their face when you mention Dennistoun, they seem to enjoy holding on to the very old stereotype of the area that’s long gone, which means that a lot of non weegies (me), foreigners and students get to move in to the area instead.

Main things to know are that Nakodar Grill has been voted the best Indian restaurant in Scotland, Celino’s is constantly the best Italian in Glasgow, Dennistoun BBQ serves a burger that is actually worth taking a picture of, Bilson Eleven is attracting fine diners from all over the city, Drygate is one very impressive place to go for a beer, and there are lots of other options, Alexandra Park is really nice (and better than Glasgow Green). But if you are stuck for inspiration the train from Bellgrove will go to city centre, the west end, the west coast, or in the other direction off to Edinburgh.

#4 - curiouscat replied on the 28/07/2017 11:20:45 AM

Hi Alex,

I live on Whitehill Gardens - welcome to the street :)

Can I recommend the train from Duke St to get to the city. Takes 6 minutes and is way cheaper than the bus. Also, you can make it to Duke St station in about 4 mins at a brisk pace when you sleep in so total commute is about 10 min from home to Queen St Low Level.

The others have given you the lowdown on the area and I agree with them. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

#5 - Jim replied on the 28/07/2017 4:15:43 PM

Hi Alex,

I moved into Dennistoun 4 years ago having lived previously in the city centre and the Southside. I am a young professional who stuck about the city having graduated from uni. I do not consider myself a Glaswegian having grown up down south. Buying a property in Dennistoun was the best decision I ever made. The area is cosmopolitan with great bars, restaurants and small businesses. On my street alone, there is Tibo restaurant (restaurant/art gallery) a trendy web development agency, a print agency and some great boutique retail.

You are 25 min walk to George Square, 5 min drive from motorway and never more than 10 min walk from a train station. As someone else said, the tenements are vastly cheaper than in the west end or southside. Sure you get some Glasgow characters around, but having enjoyed a meal on Byers rd last night, I would take the Dennistoun community over the west end snobbery any day of the week.

Don't think twice.

#6 - Gail replied on the 28/07/2017 7:50:23 PM

Welcome, I have been here for 5 years and love it. People are friendly and the local pubs and cafe/restaurants are great. I would also include the West Brewery in the earlier list a bit of a walk but worth it.

#7 - Dennistonian replied on the 30/07/2017 9:46:24 AM

Hi Alex

Welcome !

This is a great place to live. Real sense of community. I've lived her for 10 years and love it. You get the usual people who spoil it but it's a minority. Great places to go. Don't forget Drygate is just along the road and there's tons happening there including a market every 2nd weekend I think. There's also the Barras Art and Design which isn't too far away and St Luke's. They are all within walking distance. I take the train from Duke Street every day but there's only two an hour so if looking for more frequency go to Bellgrove. It's great that we're literally 5 mins on a train into town. Good luck in your new home!!!

#8 - Alex replied on the 8/08/2017 10:20:43 AM

Hello guys!! :)

Thank you all for your lovely replies :)

The flat on Whitehill Gardens fell through, but I'm sticking with Dennistoun and moving to Golfhill Drive just off Alexandra Parade today :)

See you all around, neighbours :))

#9 - James Mc replied on the 8/08/2017 10:34:00 AM

One of the quietest parts of the district, and really handy for buses into town, and a short walk along to the train station. Plus you have the Co-op just across the Parade.

Have fun.

#10 - anon replied on the 8/08/2017 4:43:09 PM

having lived in the southside i prefer dennistoun by a mile!! as everyone said, smallest commute in my office of almost 50 and i work in finnieston!! i can cycle to work in 25 mins
great bars, restaurants, shops, parks etc
i love it!

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