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Saggy floors

Geoff posted on the 24/03/2017 10:05:34 PM

Hey folks, just wanted to see if anyone has had the joists repaired in a tenement flat?

We have quite a sag on our floors and I have a feeling we will need to have new joists put in to get the floor back in good condition.

If you've had this type of work done, can you recommend anyone local that can do it? Also would you have a ball-park figure for how much it cost you?

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#1 - jake replied on the 27/03/2017 2:35:47 PM

peter cox done mine
I cant remember the exact figure but it was over ten thousand pounds, that did include removal of all joists and floorboards, clearing of all under floor rubble and spraying/treatment for dry rot and rising damp with a fungicide, they then replaced the joists and floorboards.
you will have to move out of the property for the work which could take as long as a month
I think they give you a free survey and quote

#2 - Alan replied on the 27/03/2017 10:55:36 PM

Jake, was that for the entire flat or just one room?

#3 - jake replied on the 28/03/2017 10:27:16 AM

that was for the entire one bedroom flat, they used real replacement floorboards instead of plywood sheets that some companies use to save costs and did an excellent job, they also gave me a guarantee certificate that if any of the dry rot/rising damp came back within 10 years they would fix it free of charge.
but as I said you will have to move out of your property to give the workmen complete access, not to mention parts of the house will have no floorboards (or toilet) and I don't think you would want to sleep in a house right after it has been sprayed with fungicidal spray

#4 - Geoff replied on the 28/03/2017 6:41:54 PM

Thanks Jake! Good to have a ball park figure to be working towards. Moving out sounds a little ****py though!

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