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Strangers going through bins

MAR posted on the 25/04/2017 2:24:04 PM

Think this has been mentioned before but saw a guy going through the bins out the back with a small maglite torch in his mouth. He was not a resident and moved off quickly when he saw me. Be careful what personal information you throw away. The police can give you advice on how these people can use your personal data

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#1 - Anon replied on the 25/04/2017 8:37:33 PM

Hi were about was this thanks

#2 - anon replied on the 25/04/2017 10:37:16 PM

This has been happening a lot at the new flats just off Whitehill St. They are never caught but make a huge mess removing bags from the large bins and going through them.

#3 - anon replied on the 26/04/2017 10:08:58 AM

sorry but the police wont be able to do anything, once a bag has been placed outside then its contents are public domain, its not a crime to go through them or to even take items out of plastic bags.
the most the police could do is to give him a ticket for littering, but as the streets and bins in whitehill street are private ground then the police count even give him a ticket for littering in a "public" place.

#4 - anon replied on the 26/04/2017 10:11:21 AM

I bought a little manual hand operated paper shredder for a couple of pounds from the amazon site, and I shred any letter or piece of paper with my name and address on it and then dispose of the shredded paper in the normal rubbish.
its better to be safe than to be sorry.
it wasn't expensive and it only takes a couple of seconds

#5 - curiouscat replied on the 26/04/2017 10:51:18 AM

Shred and recycle any paper info you want hidden.

#6 - Pat replied on the 1/05/2017 8:46:34 AM

I wonder if it's the same guy I saw raking through the bins in my back court. He did it a few times so I called the Police. I got pictures of him too. The Police seemed proactive but then he came back and went through the bins out of site at the bottom of our stair instead. Two or three binbags worth of rubbish strewn everywhere and now we have to pay the factor to have it cleaned... Neighbours say he did the same at theirs. I would suggest that if anyone sees this happening again they call the Police immediately (on 101). They have to react eventually surely?

#7 - RCJ replied on the 1/05/2017 12:19:19 PM

I've see a man digging in the bins outside a take away on Alexandra Parade. I actually saw him eating food out the bin, broke my heart.I tried to grab a few food items out our fridge and take it to him but he ran away when I came out. I didn't want to run after him as i am sure he was embarrassed enough. No one deserves to feel like a lesser human and have to eat out a bin. I don't know what to do for him, I'd really like to try and help. But I've only been in the country a few months and don't know what the laws and socially acceptable thing is to do.

#8 - Alex replied on the 2/05/2017 1:01:10 AM


I can't offer insight into the bins and personal data theft, but I can say that regardless of what the laws are or the socially acceptable thing to do is, go with what you think is the right thing to do. If someone is hungry and needing to eat from bins in Dennistoun then you are right, we should help. surely that is the sort of community we would like to be here, one which cares for its more vulnerable members and feeds the hungry. As long as you are safe in doing so, I d say you tried to do the right thing, and I d do the same.

#9 - Frank replied on the 6/05/2017 1:10:24 AM

He is a regular, I saw him several time.

Doubt he is Scottish

#10 - Concerned replied on the 8/05/2017 9:53:22 AM

Always go round the closes \ flats around 4am as well. Checking to see what they can get by pressing the Service button. Even stuff that isn't valuable is taken. Taking menus thats halfway in people's letterboxes too. Whole load of stuff happening that time in the morning.

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