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The Beatles

Tom Hosie posted on the 2/02/2017 1:08:04 AM

A fan of The Beatles?

If so you might be interested in our, Beatles Appreciation Society of Scotland, are hosting with The Duchess of Duke Street on Sunday February 12th.

We've live music from Joe Kane of Them Beatles, a Beatles themed quiz and a raffle with some Beatles related prizes.

Admission is Free and all are welcome.

6 Replies :

#1 - Jimmy Quaife replied on the 2/02/2017 12:46:02 PM

Sounds great Tom!

#2 - Tom Hosie replied on the 2/02/2017 1:53:50 PM

Hope to see you there Jimmy.

My original message was typed in a bit of a rush late last night and I forgot to mention that the event starts at 7pm and runs until 11pm.

For anyone thinking of going it might be an idea to contact The Duchess to reserve a seat.

#3 - Beetle replied on the 3/02/2017 10:51:25 AM

Piece of Beatles trivia.
Were you aware that the Beatles visited a house on Golfhill Drive?

#4 - Jimmy Quaife replied on the 3/02/2017 12:36:48 PM

Thanks for the extra info Tom! I'll get in touch with The Duchess. Think a few of us will head down.

Did not know that Beetle! That's class. Any more info?

#5 - Tom Hosie replied on the 3/02/2017 2:48:31 PM

I'm aware of the story about The Beatles and Golfhill Drive.

I seem to recall that it was related to an interview they were doing with some magazine and perhaps the reporter stayed in Golfhill Drive. I'll need to do some research on that.

That's great Jimmy that you are planning on coming along.

As I mentioned we will be having some prizes. All Beatle related but of varying quality! :-)

We have:

A Blue-Ray of Eight Days a Week
A copy of Philip Norman's Beatles biography 'Shout'
A DVD about the tragic death of John Lennon
A Sgt Pepper jigsaw
and, wait, drum roll
A George Harrison clock that we found in a charity shop on Duke Street.

#6 - Beetle replied on the 3/02/2017 11:51:44 PM

They were taken up to Golfhill Drive to meet the parents of Alan Mcdougall. His father Ronnie, had a butchers shop on Duke St, near Meadowpark St. Alan was in the music business and brought quite a few "pop stars" up to meet his mum and dad! LOL
I myself met Spencer Davis, and Alan Clark of the Hollies, was only about 8 or 9 at the time.
Alan did write a 'pop' column for a girls magazine, maybe thats why you got the journalist story. I know at one time he was also Elton Johns publicist.
My friend and I did see them (Beatles) getting out a Limo and going up the close!
Good piece of trivia..!

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