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Wanted: Garage or Lock-up

Jimmy Quaife posted on the 26/01/2017 11:23:43 AM

I'm looking for a garage or other type of lock-up for keeping a classic scooter. Does anyone know of something suitable that can be rented? Obviously, it needs to be as secure as possible. I plan to use the scooter on a daily basis, therefore I'd like access as and when needed. Any ideas very welcome. I've spotted a few garages around Dennistoun but struggling to find anything for rent. Cheers.

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#1 - jack replied on the 28/01/2017 11:10:01 PM

it depends on exactly where you live as some housing associations and factors have garages in the local area for their tenants to rent - although there might be a waiting list

#2 - Jimmy Quaife replied on the 30/01/2017 6:39:33 PM

Thanks Jack. I live on Armadale St, close to Onslow Drive. I'll have a look into that.

#3 - Swan replied on the 3/02/2017 7:58:02 PM

My husband's restoring a Vespa, though it's still in bits at the moment, so he's not at the stage of needing anywhere to keep it. He thinks Bill the Biker on the Parade might do storage. Let us know how you get on, for future reference!

#4 - Jimmy Quaife replied on the 5/02/2017 8:39:52 PM

Will do Swan! Thanks for the tip. Good to hear there are fellow enthusiasts in the area.

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