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local charity looking for school choir/singers etc

Freedom Cafe posted on the 22/11/2017 11:41:42 AM

Hi all,

I wonder if you can help us. Our cafe, which serves fresh hot food to people suffering poverty, homelessness and other afflications, is looking to make December a little more bright and festive. Do you know of any school choir, singer, pianists or bands who would like to come and entertain the people who use our cafe.

This would be a wonderful addition and sure to bring smiles to people

2 Replies :

#1 - anon replied on the 30/11/2017 8:48:37 PM

Try speaking to Alexandra parade primary. My daughter is part of their choir and they sing at various places out with the school.

#2 - Freedom Cafe replied on the 1/12/2017 6:17:45 PM

Great idea, I will check with them.

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