Drilling sandstone tenement interior walls

AK posted on the 11/08/2014 1:12:40 PM

Does anyone have any advice on successfully drilling holes in the interior walls of a Dennistoun sandstone tenement? The walls are full of holes and the plaster/stone crumbles leaving gaping holes not fit for purpose. Planning on filling the holes and re-drilling but wondered if anyone has had any success with this problem.

#1 - CuriousCat replied on the 12/08/2014 9:23:06 AM

Use as small a drill bit as you can get away with and hopefully you'll end up with a decent hole for a plug etc.

#2 - Paul replied on the 12/08/2014 3:33:55 PM

You can get a sandstone drill bit from B&Q should do the trick...

#3 - Abc1 replied on the 13/08/2014 5:32:29 PM

If you're trying to attached something heavy to wall, such as a TV bracket or kitchen unit we've only really found 1 solution...
raggle out the area of the wall large enough for the bracket size and about 10mm deep.
No more nails a peice of 8mm OSB board into the hole, leave to dry.
Plaster over and repaint, leave to dry.
Attached bracket :-)
This process was perfected after numerous shelves, shower rails and a kitchen unit crumbeling off the wall!
Good luck

#4 - AK replied on the 18/08/2014 6:27:24 PM

Thank you... I'll have a go.

#5 - CM replied on the 30/03/2022 5:44:00 PM

anyone had any more success with hanging heavy things in a dennistoun tenement?

#6 - anon replied on the 13/04/2022 6:58:40 PM

@CM - Define "heavy things"

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