Chip shop whitevale street

Paolo posted on the 11/04/2021 3:55:23 PM

Trying too see if anyone remembers the chip shop across the road from the whitevale swimming baths it was run by my grandpa a and my mother in the 1960s

#1 - Paolo replied on the 11/04/2021 7:11:37 PM

There names were George and tosca frediani

#2 - Ali replied on the 3/09/2021 4:47:36 PM

Used to go there for fritters after swimming club at the baths on a Friday night

#3 - I lived at 7 Whitevale St 1945 replied on the 27/02/2023 10:48:45 AM

I lived at 7 Whitevale St 1945/65 and went to baths every Friday, Would have loved to get fish n chips but only had money for a bath, Think it was sixpence at the time, Did manage a penny caramel from shop next door!!!!!

#4 - Bill replied on the 11/03/2023 2:05:24 PM

Great chip shop all fried in lard, lived in Vinegarhill till 67. Pool and baths now demolished.

#5 - Jon Ioannou replied on the 26/07/2023 10:25:48 AM

Loved this chippy after swimming , back in the early 1970s . Had a coal fire in the back shop and a cat ? Real old fashioned but the best chips& fritters !!

#6 - Alfred Nobile replied on the 29/03/2024 1:56:40 PM

I lived at 5 Waverley Terrace until we moved to Ruchazie in 1957 when I was 8. Loved the chip shop. Remember Black's dairy and the papershop next door to the swimming baths. Went to Thompson St. primary school.

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