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Metal fences around tenement at Lidl

Tom posted on the 25/03/2017 1:40:34 AM


There's been metal fences round the tenement to the right of lidl for sometime now, does anyone know why?


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#1 - Gallowgater replied on the 27/03/2017 11:38:08 AM

I believe the building is unsound - either due to falling masonry or subsidence. I know the front door had been blocked off some time before everyone had moved out

#2 - The Mentalist replied on the 29/03/2017 9:49:47 AM

There is sinking going from the old Golfhill School down to the Lidl and Duke Street Hospital.

#3 - resident replied on the 1/04/2017 10:43:01 AM

I'll tell you exactly why...

If you look up you'll see that a section of render is missing from the top left of the tenement gable end. It came off in one piece during the high winds in January whilst i was walking past, and it only missed me by inches (and is still there, lying in the grass).

I called GCC Building Control, who instructed the fencing be put up. Building Control have contacted the person(s) responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the building.

There's no guarantee that any resolution will happen very quickly - note how long the road closure has been in place at the bottom of Byres Road as a result of the wall collapsing on to Benalder Street (although, admittedly, that's likely a slightly more complex situation.

#4 - Anon replied on the 5/04/2017 6:18:34 PM

FYI everyone, I have emailed the below (with an image of the problem courtesy of GoogleMaps) to all our local representatives, hopefully something is done:

The rendering on the stop side of this tenement facing onto the Lidl car park, please see Google Image screenshot attached came loose in January of this year. Almost hitting a resident. Since then a movable metal fence on concrete plinths has been placed around the area of the Lidl car park below the side of the Tenement.

I have been told that Glasgow City Council placed the temporary fence as a safety measure and contacted the building owner/factor to fix the situation.

However nothing has been done and this has now been almost three months.

This is a busy area for people coming out of Lidl and a few local food outlets, I fear someone could be injured and don't feel that anyone is taking responsibility or explaining when this will be fixed, for example when the fence went up there was no sign or explanation. I heard from a resident about the rendering. At the very least there should be a safety warning.

Can you confirm what action you will be taking as a result of this email?

I have also emailed our ward MSP, MP and other Councillors. I have also shared this with Dennistoun Community Council as I feel this issue is relevant to the upcoming election.

Feel free to use this email to lobby further,

Thanks everyone

#5 - Dennistonian replied on the 6/04/2017 11:56:53 PM

Is this the beautiful red brick building to the west of Lidl that has been boarded up? I hope this doesn't fall into disrepair then go on fire like so many great Glasgow buildings.

The council should CPO and turn into social housing.

#6 - CV3v replied on the 7/04/2017 10:49:12 AM

The old hospital building you refer to is being redeveloped, there are plans for it on council planning portal, offices on the ground floor, not sure about the other floors.

#7 - Anon replied on the 7/04/2017 3:53:10 PM

Hello Dennistonian, it's the building in the corner diagonal to papa johns. That's good news about the old hospital.

Three Councillors have got back to me so far and have passed on to 'development and regeneration services' so hopefully something will be done soon

#8 - Tom replied on the 19/04/2017 5:40:49 PM

Please see response forward on from Elaine McDougall:

The factors have confirmed that the scaffold will be going up 17th April and the works will take approximately 2 weeks. This will enable the fencing to be removed.

#9 - Peter Douglas replied on the 16/05/2017 10:16:43 PM

@The Mentalist. Ground conditions at Golfhill School are result of quarrying done before Dennistoun estate was laid out. Area to vicinity of Duke St Hospital was built up early 19thC. Quarry did not extend down hill as grounds were in use for manufacturing from late 18thC.

#10 - CV3V replied on the 17/05/2017 10:23:40 AM

To add to Peter's comments, once the Golfhill Primary school planning application is submitted (should be very soon), it will be on the council planning portal. It should include some historic maps which will show the extents of the quarry, and any other works in the area.

Where the render fell off the building on Duke Street, render falling off buildings in winter isn't rare and and can happen more often in gable walls when expansion joints haven't been included (which, again, seems common in Dennistoun).

I saw the gable wall a few days ago, had an old painted advert on it behind the render, shame the cash cant be spent on bringing that back, would have looked good and been a great entry point into the area.

#11 - Emma replied on the 19/05/2017 5:55:14 PM

CV3V I think this is a really nice point you made:

I saw the gable wall a few days ago, had an old painted advert on it behind the render, shame the cash cant be spent on bringing that back, would have looked good and been a great entry point into the area.

If you know any artists may be worth mentioning below:
Artists are encouraged to get involved in
this Glasgow City Council initiative through
application to the city centre Mural Fund,
details of which can be found via this link:

#12 - resident replied on the 28/05/2017 7:22:54 PM

That is, indeed, a great location for a mural.

#13 - CV3V replied on the 30/05/2017 9:49:51 AM

Great location - perhaps its the start of a separate forum topic? I checked the GCC website for the Mural Fund but unfortunately its outside the zone for funding, seems to be city centre areas. Still, you dont ask you dont get.

#14 - Sarah replied on the 30/05/2017 10:12:04 AM

I've always thought that myself. Thanks for the link Emma, unfortunately it seems Dennistoun is just out of the 'centre' boundary the council considers for funding. Shame.

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