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Nursing home in parade

F posted on the 6/08/2017 12:49:07 PM

Just noticed the nursing home is all boarded up, is someone know what is happening or what is going to be in future?

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#1 - wullie replied on the 7/08/2017 10:07:32 AM

The riverside care home in the ex commonwealth village opened
recently,so the home in kennyhill square shut down.
There was a post on here a while back,there is going to be houses built on the site.

#2 - The Mentalist replied on the 7/08/2017 10:08:07 AM

Flats. What else.

#3 - alexw replied on the 8/08/2017 10:24:19 AM

The long thread on here is titled Kennyhill Square. Currently the last post on it was 04/07/2017 so if you scroll down you should find it. The prospective plans are on Grant Murray architects website and they do look good, though the chat seemed to be that there wasn't even any planning application with the council yet, so it may be a bit pie in the sky and we actually end up with something far less radical.

Grant Murray also have some interesting plans for Haghill on the site from a few years ago that never came to anything.

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