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Stolen bike

Ruthtry posted on the 17/06/2016 10:39:52 AM

Just a warning that my bike has been stolen out of my back court on Duke street, was secured to fence with a chain which has also been taken. Police are aware but worth checking your bike is still there!

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#1 - Fiona replied on the 20/06/2016 9:10:31 PM

So sorry to hear this, Ruth. We had 3 bikes stolen from our duke street back court at the end of last year. They were secured with 2 heavy duty kryptonite D locks to a washing pole which must have been cut through. Police were pretty hopeless to be honest. We suggested they use decoy bikes which are gps tagged, wait for them to be stolen and then track where they end up but doubt they have ever done it. It was clear in our case it was a professional job that probably needed power tools to get through £70 locks.

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