Reidvale Housing Association seeking Transfer Partner

Reidvale Housing Association was at the forefront of community based housing in Scotland when it was established in 1975. Now, they are seeking a transfer partner as they work to meet the Scottish Housing Regulator requirements.

Since March 2019, Reidvale has been working with the Scottish Housing Regulator to improve its governance and financial management. In March 2022, the management committee voted to seek out a prospective transfer partner after a Strategic Options Appraisal was conducted.

In response, the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations maintain that transferring Reidvale would be “unnecessary and deeply regrettable” in Scottish Housing News, publishing a seven-page position paper asserting that community-based housing associations might lose their autonomy as local organisations.

Reidvale will transfer all of its buildings, employees, and services to another housing association in a transfer of engagements if Reidvale tenants support the change through a tenant ballot.

Nov 20, 2022

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