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Keep Dennistoun Litter Free

Councillor Elaine McDougall launched the Cleaner Dennistoun Initiative at Alexandra Park entrance gates on Wednesday 1st June 2011. Children from local schools took part in a clean up operation on the day and each school received a certificate for their participation. Assisting the children were Starbucks business volunteers and members of Dennistoun Conservation Society.

Councillor Elaine McDougall and colleagues are spearheading an Action Group consisting of Glasgow City Council services, GHA, Milnbank Housing Association and Strathclyde Police to clean up the Dennistoun area.

The initiative includes a week of action on the hot spot streets where bulk domestic and commercial refuse litters the area. Their will be street audits to score cleanliness and a snapshot litter survey will take place 6 weeks later. Their will also be high visibility enforcement patrols to issue Fixed Penalty Notice's for dog fouling, fly-tipping and litter. Graffiti removal and a mechanical sweeper are also deployed and local housing associations gave out leaflets to residents to highlight important changes to the bulk uplift service.

Glasgow City Council Bulk Uplift
As of September 2011 your bulk refuse has to be put at the rear of your property next to the bin store and an uplift arranged with Glasgow City Council using the bulk uplift online form or telephone 0141 287 9700.

To report litter or graffiti freephone 0800 027 7027 or email clean@glasgow.gov.uk

Keep Dennistoun Litter Free

Improving Dennistoun's cleanliness is a responsibility shared by you, your family, your neighbour, local businesses and Glasgow City Council.

The City Council provides de-littering services, empty dustbins, clear bulk refuse, sweep streets, remove chewing gum, uplift fly-tipping, remove abandoned cars, remove graffiti and remove discarded syringes in your part of Dennistoun. They also provide an educational programme for schools in relation to environmental responsibility and provide Community Safety Patrol Officers that will report on litter, graffiti, vandalism and other antisocial behaviour in Dennistoun.

Any incidents of flytipping may be subject to a fixed Penalty notice of £50 or summary conviction: imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or a fine not exceeding £40,000 or both. The cost of clearing litter is met by council tax charges and the Environmental Protection Act 1990 makes the City Council responsible for keeping the streets, pavements and backcourts of Dennistoun clear of litter. A Code of Practice is set up where compliance is measured by a cleanliness grade and standard.

There are four cleanliness grades:
Grade A - No litter or refuse
Grade B - Predominantly free of litter and refuse, apart from a few small items
Grade C - Widespread distribution of litter and refuse with minor accumulations
Grade D - Heavily littered with significant accumulations

There are three cleanliness standards:
12hrs to clean up Grade B*
6hrs to clean up Grade C*
3hrs to clean up Grade D*
(*to grade A cleanliness)

The Environmental Protection Act gives you the right to take legal action to have litter removed when your area falls below the standard for longer than is  allowed. Before exercising that right it is wise to give the City Council a chance to clean up. Make a formal complaint by telephoning 0800 027 7027 or emailing clean@glasgow.gov.uk, being specific about location, type and amount of litter. If the City Council does not put matters right, you can take legal action through the Sheriff Court to get a Litter Abatement Order that demands that the City Council cleans up your area.

Nov 17, 2011

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