Blochairn Car Boot Sale

Re-opening Sunday 6th February 2022

Whether you're looking for a bargain or finally getting round to clearing out your attic, the Blochairn Car Boot Sale has to be high on your list of things to do. Open every Sunday from 6am-3pm.

Situated north of Dennistoun in the grounds of the Blochairn Fruit Market (closed during the car boot sale) it provides the perfect spot. It has a wide catchment area of potential local customers as it is only walking distance from the districts of the inner east and north of the city as well as easy access to and from the M8 motorway. It has more than enough space to warrant the title of "Scotland's largest car boot sale" and includes ample free parking, cafe and toilet facilities. As well as the traditional car booter you will also find regular market traders dealing in fresh produce and fancy goods. The Blochairn Car Boot Sale is open every Sunday from 6am until 3pm at the Blochairn Fruit Market, 130 Blochairn Road, Glasgow G21 2DU. Providing stalls and car boot rental indoor £25 /outdoor £20.


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How To Get There

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Visitors and carbooters by car:
Going east on the M8 motorway come off at junction 14. Stay on the left hand side to the bottom of the sliproad and then move over to the right as you approach a mini roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout and the entrance is on your right hand side.

Going west on the M8 motorway come off at junction 13. At the bottom of the sliproad turn right and then left at the mini roundabout. You will pass the gas works on your right and a sharp right corner. The entrance is on the left at the bottom of this road.


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Local on foot from Dennistoun:
You can follow the main roads (staying on the left side pavements/footpaths): Cumbernauld Road, Alexandra Park Street, Viewpark Avenue and cross the road at the mini roundabout. The entrance is on the right at Blochairn Road.

Or take the more peaceful route along Sannox Gardens (west side of Alexandra Park) and the foot-bridge across the M8. At the end of the bridge on the left hand side go down the flight of stairs.

Further details in becoming a trader with latest price list at City Property.

From the Forum
 10th Sept. 2008
By: trader lucy
subject: Blochairn Car Boot Sale
message: Have done a few car boot sales so far and found that the best time to arrive is around 4am, and there have been no queues.

I would suggest that you decide between indoor / outdoor just as you approach, and the decision is based on the weather. if it looks to be a nice day then outdoors is best as you get more passing trade.

trading begins as soon as you arrive, so dont be alarmed by people looking in you car boot before you have even emptied it!  this can be quite intimidating the first time you do a car boot!  i find that its best to be organised, so we usually sort our stuff into boxes to display before we head there and it means we set up shop quick and easy.

an official comes around about 8am to collect your registration form (this will be handed to you as you arrive) this will have details of you car reg etc.  a couple of hours after this another official comes round to collect the fee, we were charged £10* [*from £20 and must be prebooked before arrival 2022 ] for our outdoor pitch.

the boot sale we done recently was this month (Sept) so 4am was quite dark, so might be advisable to take a torch, although the regular buyers have torches which is helpful!

We sold most of our stuff and done really quite well, but i think this is because we went with the attitude that any offer was better than taking the stuff back home, so offers of books 50p each or 3 for £1 and anything on the clothes rail 50p each, went down well.

We found that our best sellers were the clothes, bags and costume jewelry.  Things that didn't seem to sell were the electricals, and i guess its because people werent willing to take the chance that it didnt work!  When we first arrived people were looking for mobile phones, dvds and gold, none of which we had, so i suppose these would be good sellers too!

remember to take your own table and a rail is always handy if you are selling clothes.  The reason i mention this is because at Polmadie you can hire these things, but at Blochairn you can't, so dont get caught out.

If you have never tried it before and you are a bit apprehensive of the unknown, take a deep breath and go for it, you will probably become addicted like me!

trading finishes at 4pm [now 6am-3pm], however not many traders last til this time. We left around 2.30pm.

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