growing up in dennistoun

jeanette posted on the 18/02/2013 6:05:49 AM

I've noticed that all the memories of growing up in Dennistoun seem to have Fisher St, Edmund St, MacIntosh St and Ark Lane as their focus for happy memories of the area. I was born in Dennistoun and lived in various places in Glasgow until 1957 when we moved to Edmund St. I too think of that area in Dennistoun as providing some of the best times of my childhood---but I notice that no-one seems to post memories of other areas in Dennistoun. There don't appear to be any from people who grew up in the 'Drives' for example. I wonder if the area I lived in was different from the others, and if so why. I know we kids had a lot of freedom in the area we lived. Did they have the same freedoms in the 'better off' parts?Or were we particularly lucky. I'd be interested to hear what others think of this. Cheers.

#129 - Gordon Henderson replied on the 31/05/2024 8:07:15 PM

To Adam Moynes
You dad and I played together on our tricycles in McIntosh street. I remember your grandad Davy and your grandmother a lady with blonde hair. Your dad had a red bike and mine was a blue one. We used to race up and down the street and go to the shops to buy a Davy Crockett hat.After we left the street in 1960 your dad moved to Easter house and I went and stayed with him when I found the new address After that I don't know any more.

#128 - Andrew Ross replied on the 27/05/2024 12:58:19 PM

If anyone wishes to see a picture of Miss Lauder, go to glescapals website click on schools, golfhill, and you see a class photo from 1947 with the formidable Miss Lauder(looks like Morticia Adams)

#127 - EddiePacker replied on the 5/05/2024 7:23:53 PM

Does anyone know ann macky of fisher street dennistoun glasgow brother john sister jean I would love to. Meet ann again for old time sake any amy please help on dennistoun page

#126 - ALLAN david WATSON replied on the 13/04/2024 4:23:56 PM

Hi Joyce Sundstrem, I was brought up in 108 Ark Lane like your Mum. We stayed on the first landing while your' Mum was on the top. I knew your Gran and Granda, and I used to go for a Mcallan Ice Cream with your Mum as a Saturday treat. Your post left me racking my brain trying to remember your Mum's sisters name. Was it Helen ? I was sorry to read your Mother has passed away, but your post has brought back happy memories.

#125 - Adam Moynes replied on the 8/04/2024 11:38:44 PM

Post #92 by Gordon talks about David Moynes I was wondering if anyone knows more about his early years. I'm his son.

#124 - Agnes steel replied on the 7/04/2024 10:13:03 AM

I too lived in Dennistoun ,born in a house 128 Alexandra Parade , the tenement was pulled down and made way for part of the Hospital ,flitted to Ark Lane lived in the flat right above John Pirries,a great shop ,,, amazing that over 50years later they are still so well thought of ,attended Golfhill primary ,and remember having a short term at a residential school during that time ,, remember playing on the rocks up at firpark st had an aunt an uncle who lived in firpark st Isobel and James Hollis she worked for a time in wills cigarette factory there was a wee dairy just off firpark st that sold my favourite milk maid tiny bars of tablet ,, remember squeezing through the railings in summer holidays and playing in the sport field of Golfhill school,hated sports day! Sorry but I have no memory of names apart from a friend named Sylvia who lived on Ark lane and a friend named Jacqueline Mclain who lived on firpark terrace looking right over into tennants brewery ,her close was dark and creepy I think most of the lights didn't work , I remember walking all the way down ark lane to Sunday school in the big church that still stands over the road from tennants,going to the library too,memories ,,,,

#123 - EddiePacker replied on the 3/04/2024 6:52:09 PM

Some time ann went under the name ann mckay her gran mother live in lower fisher street

#122 - EddiePacker replied on the 30/03/2024 11:51:02 PM

Ann Miller sister may have been call Jean &brother John I would like to hear about Ann Jean or John Fisher street

#121 - EddiePacker replied on the 29/03/2024 12:16:46 PM

I live in fisher street and went to white Hill secondary school I was friends with a girl called Ann Miller also of fisher street she had a sister call maureen and brother John I think and her friend was called maureen

#120 - Joyce Sundstrem replied on the 21/02/2024 8:59:13 PM

Oh the memories and the coincidences and connections you've all stirred up in me, I'm an east end wean too ...
I just found the page today and wish my mum was here to talk to about it, she'd have loved it... We said goodbye to her yesterday, she was an East end wean too.
Wilma Macfarlane, James Crawford we went to Dr Graham and Dr McKenzie too till they retired and remember everything you said.
Eileen Cusack my mum grew up in 108 Ark Lane, granny Mary Wood lived there till it was demolished.
And Susan Anderson my parents Betty and Alex Higgins lived in 66 Edmund St when I was born then we moved to Broompark Dr.
I went to Golfhill and had a friend Tom Paterson and Lorna Smythe wonder what happened to them. Remember John Piries, Miss Lauders house and Lena's and the newsagent on the corner of Edmund and Dunchattan St. My dad was an East end wean from Thomson St. Thank you for the memories they cheered me up today.

#119 - Andrew Ross replied on the 15/02/2024 2:29:30 PM

I have just found this site , I lived at 86 Eveline street, went to Golfhill and Onslow schools.I was the youngest of 5, 2 sisters and 2 brothers names Jeanette, Dugald, John and Jean.Sadly John passed away a few years ago aged 74, but everyone else is still going!. Anyway, I seen a comment by Jim Learmont from last June and as his brother Hugh (Shug) and I were pals , was wondering if he was still around. Our little group included Benny Green, Bill McKenzie, Alex Travers and Ian Cameron. If any of you are still out there love to hear from you.
Simiarly, pals from Eveline Street..James Douglas, Ian Malcolm, Leo Hunter, Janette Bain, Ann Wilson Elizabeth Howe, John Tollet

#118 - Barry W Christie replied on the 24/01/2024 11:05:26 AM

Can't believe I forgot about the some of the shops in Duke Street ...

1) AGNES's sweet shop near to Belgrove Street ... the selection of sweets was amazing, jar upon jar lining the walls, trays of toffee and tablet etc ... a magical place for a child.

2) THE RENDEZVOUS / TONY's on the corner of Sword Street (I think) ... adults went there for a frothy coffee (as I called it) ... kids went for the ice cream, it's still to this day the best ice cream I've ever tasted, nothing even comes close ... as far as I know the inside of it was saved when the tenement was knocked down and it was reconstructed inside the transport museum in Glasgow, together with a soundtrack of a typical day (still to see this myself).

3) WALKERS near to Westercraigs ... a general purpose type store which had everything, brooms, brushes, soap, nails, screws, wood, etc ... it was like an aladdin's cave, absolutely packed, every wall, column and even the roof had stuff hung on it ... some of the stuff was even put out on the pavement everyday.

#117 - Barry W Christie replied on the 17/01/2024 11:44:33 AM

Born in 1966 and lived in Dennistoun up until around 40 (with a few years in between in the Stirling area).

Lived at number 8 Firpark Terrace, next to the Necropolis or 'gravy' as we called it, the best playground anyone could ever have. The part of the gravy right next to our house was a little self contained forest and was a fantastic place to play, we had dens, swings, rope death slides and we used to spend weekends boiling eggs in the old flower pots.

Attended Golfhill Primary, a few of the teachers being Miss McCloud, Mr Winters, Mrs Fulton. Again another fantastic place to play, especially climbing up, over and around the 'tavvies' as we called them (the boys toilets).
Went to Whitehill Secondary, teachers of my favourite subjects were Mr Addison (woodwork) and Mr Clements (metalwork).

Lenny Reynolds was a friend and still lives in Ark Lane, I even stripped/rebuild his XV750 in my mums kitchen ... my mum being Patricia (Pat) Christie, Golfhills lollipop lady for 17 years.

Some of the other things I remember ...
- Tilcon cement factory was another great playground, jumping into the big silos of sand/gravel and occasionally scaling the big conveyor belt running up to the big mixing tower.
- All the tenements between Broompark Drive and Duke Street being systematically demolished and the ground being left as waste ground for many years. During the binmen strike it became a storage point for all the rubbish, big bales of it piled 2 or 3 high, the smell was pretty bad, as were the massive rats which moved in.
- Tennents brewery expanding and building a massive boundary wall which swallowed up most of Ark Lane.
- New buildings being built on the above land and which provided another fantastic place to play. We eventually moved into 17 Dunchattan Street after number 7/8 Firpark Terrace had to be demolished due to subsidence.
- John Piries shop (corner of Ark Lane and Broompark Drive) was an amazing place for kids, I especially remember the big sweetie counter with all the rows and rows of sweets.
- The Parade Cinema, it stank to high heaven, but was a place of wonderment when wee ... I remeber seeing some of the Flash Gordon shorts there, and the dark night walking home terrified after having just seen The Exorcist.
- The many weekends spent down at The Barras, due to my dad Angus (Gus) Christie having a stall down there selling photographic equipment. The freshly made doughnuts were amazing as was the exploration of all the buildings and stalls, in those days you could hardly move for the number of people!
- The College Of Commerce in Hanson Street burning down, that was quite a spectacle!
- Building massive bonfires on the Hill/Rocks as we called it (next to Firpark Terrace), none of that health and safety stuff back then. I remember in particular one bonfire night my dad tying four rockets together and when lit they didn't all go off at the one time, ended up going through the window of one of our neighbours (Smiths on the 2nd floor).
- The massive storm we had one year which knocked the gable end out of one of the tenements at the top of Ark Lane, they were all demolished soon after that!
- Making large ice slides down the pavement in Ark Lane next to the playing fields.
- Making go-karts from bits of wood and pram wheels, I even built one with a seat belt ... racing them from the top of Ark Lane all the way down to Duke Street. After Tennents expanded we had to go down the 'black path' (as we called it) next to the boundary wall.

Some of the kids I remember ... Michael Smith, Jacqueline & Suzanne Jackson, Robert & Paul Crawford, Steven Bicket, Alan Boyce, Mark & Frank Carol ... there are a lot more that I remember the face but not the names.

Aah, the good old days :)

#116 - Craig McGrain replied on the 16/01/2024 12:09:58 PM

I didn't grow up in Dennistoun, My dad and his brother and sister did in the 50s and 60s. They lived across from the school which is now dilapidated. I cant find the street on maps. Which is odd as it is still there. My dad tells stories of running around the streets playing with his mates as does his sister. Their names are Andrew Nina and Bobby (Bobby has since passed) My aunt tells stories of the headmaster being horrible and not listening to the kids or the parents. Their close was not a nice one it was falling to bits. My grandparents had bought the flat for £300 with my grand dad's war pension. So maybe luckier than some but the stories I hear from my dad and his sister are of hardship but amazing community spirit. Their flat when they moved in had an aga to cook on and heat the flat. It was one bedroom with a recess in the living room. In time they modernised it and sold it in the 1970s. Re a much earlier post about some one flitting in the night maybe down to anti Englishness I doubt that as my gran was English and I never heard anything about anti Englishness and they lived their for 2 decades. My aunt didnt keep well as a child. My dad used to run to the posh bit closer to town to fetch the doctor even in the middle of the night and apparently he would come! Sounds better than the current NHS haha

#115 - Jimmy Wood replied on the 23/11/2023 1:23:32 PM

Reading the memories of the folks who lived in Dennistoun has been a joy, I moved to 120 Ark Lane at the end of the fifties until I got married in 1970 , I was and still are am a cyclist and a member of the Glasgow Nightingale cycling club my father was a founder member of the club which was started by Malcolm Smith in 1925 , my father joined the club in 1926 (member No 6) .
My mother May and my ant Pat Brown worked as fishmongers in Goods fishmongers on Duke St and subsequently became joint ownership of the business, my cousin Allan Brown used to help in the shop and learned to gut and fillit haddock, also we were a dab hand at making fish cakes in the back shop, this usually took place during the summer holidays and helped our mums know where we were although I was always away into the countryside on my Flying Scot whenever I got the chance. Previously we lived in Coventry Drive which was on the north side of Alexandra Parade , Alexandra Park was on our doorstep and was a paradise for us weans to play in , I fell out of manny trees trying to get to birds nest ,a right little horror when you think of it, my big sister June used to remind me of the fact!! I was a bit of a pest in her eyes.

#114 - Mary Waddell replied on the 14/09/2023 10:36:42 AM

I lived in Dennistoun for many years one of the streets I lived in was 76 McIntosh Street.
I had a wee cousin who fell over the stairhead window back in the 1960's.
The butcher's in Dunchattan Street was called Blackadder's and moved to Maryhill Road and is still there.
The newsagent in Eveline Street was Esther Reilly's.
Great memories of good old Dennistoun.

#113 - Jim Crawford replied on the 21/08/2023 11:29:24 PM

Hello Jeanette, it'll be me misspelling Florence's surname, me just spelling it as I tend to pronounce it. As I was saying earlier in my postings I'll sure my mother spoke of Eveline Street having been bombed.

A couple of other things I mind of in Dennistoun are the Parade cinema where I watched the movie Khartoum and still remember that we had to drink water from the taps in the cinema's toilets to quench our thirst, the heating was up full in the place and everybody needed a drink. the Other memory was of the photos Lenny Reynolds showed me of the day he had the front windows of his first floor flat near the top of Ark Lane taken out so he could get the chopper motorbike that he had built lifted down to the street. At the time I had been attending night classes at Langside college trying to get a higher in art and asked Lenny if he would mind removing the covers he had over another chopper on Ark Lane so I could do some drawings of it. I mention this because I still mind his reaction to what I had drawn of the bike. He took one look at it and said, "The sump's too low" heck I didn't even know what a sump was.

A guy I worked with in the car auctioneers Alex Beiths on Annefield Place lived just up the street a wee way in the flats over looking the 'Rocks' call Eddie Hynds who I last met over in the south-sides Croftfoot area. It was through Eddie Hynds I met Dougie Smith, brother of Janis Sue Smith who appeared on the Tennents lager cans many years ago. As 1976 came into 1977 I was up at Dougie's for their New Year party and watched Lynyrd Skynyrd on the Old Grey Whistle **** doing 'Freebird' something I doubt I ever forget, not that I would want to.

One mystery for me regarding when I worked in the car auctioneer's was what happened to the lassie I met and saw for a few months before I caused her to split with me through my trying to be too clever for myself. Her name was Margaret Alice Ann Campbell, sister of John Campbell who's job I had got in the auctioneers. John had a 250cc motorbike in the garage at the back of the office on Annefield Place and having been told of who owned it I went directly across Duke Street where John lived in the top floor flat with his parents and Margaret, I still mind his DAF Variomatic and the day we all went down to Stevenson on a day out.

#112 - allan watson replied on the 20/08/2023 4:55:19 PM

Hi Cher, although I lived in Ark Lane and was very young at the time, I remember when the bomb fell on Eveline St. At that time, Dunchatten St. along with the streets that ran across it, was like a self contained village, so when anything major happened everyone in the area new of it. I remember people speculating that it was intended for Mitchells cigarette factory which had been converted to a munitions factory. Although Mitchells was on Alexandra Parade, it was near Eveline St. so it's likely that was correct. I don't remember hearing about people being injured, but as I said, I was very young at the time.
Hop this is of interest for you


#111 - Peter Harding replied on the 18/08/2023 8:16:08 PM

Grew up at 209 Duke street, top flat , two brothers, James and John, golf hill primary,1949-55,great mates , Gordon Martin, Robertson brothers, Dougie Hillhouse,Willie McPhee, Robert Lamb, Willie whtelaw,Danny Boyle, George Furphy
The ladies, Marlyn Beattie Margaret's Ross, Ann Adams, Teachers ,Miss Campbell, and Miss Lauder, great days, cheers

#110 - jeanette replied on the 5/08/2023 11:00:43 AM

Hello again Jim.
I don't know any of the people you've mentioned but my maiden name was Haggarty (with an 'a' rather than an 'e' although sometimes on old censuses there's an 'e' by mistake) but as far as I know I was not related to a Florence---just a coincidence. I lived at 34 Edmund St.
Do you think that the empty block across from the swing park was the result of bombing during the war?

#109 - Martin replied on the 4/08/2023 10:30:35 PM

The swing park was at the high end of Edmund Street I played in it during the mid sixties . I lived at 15 Edmund Street which was lower end across from the scrap yard and I am sure there was a big Doberman called Yogi guarding it.

#108 - Jim Crawford replied on the 4/08/2023 10:28:57 PM

You're right Jeanette, I managed to get my streets mixed up. I mind my Mum telling me of an accident I had when up at the swings in the early 60's, I think it might have been a guy called Dougie Gibson who had leapt off one of the swings causing it to catch me full in the face, I must have been about 5/6 years old at the time. The damage to my face was such that even my Mum and an uncle couldn't recognize me.

I can't mind if I've asked before if anyone knew or knows Florence Haggerty who lived at the Ark Lane end of McIntosh St on the same side of the street as the Early brothers? Apologies if I have.

#107 - jeanette replied on the 3/08/2023 9:59:49 PM

For Jim.
I think the swing park was at the high end on Edmund St, not Eveline, and there was a whole block missing there in the 50's when I was growing up.

#106 - Jim Crawford replied on the 2/08/2023 8:22:00 PM

Hello Cher, I can't say I knew your family but your posting there minded me of my own Mum saying something about there being bomb damage in Eveline street opposite where the swings area was. I thought I'd do a wee search on Google and found this website with image SAW046345 showing the empty space where the buildings once stood. The search term I used was, "eveline street, glasgow ww2 bombing" the results offer a number of photos to take a look at, hope this helps a little.

#105 - Cher replied on the 2/08/2023 10:05:48 AM

Hey everyone, it's been great reading all of your memories of living in Dennistoun, I myself am from the far flung reaches of Easterhouse originally, now in the exotic climes of Baillieston lol so can't contribute any of my own personal anecdotes, however, my grans family lived in Dennistoun for quite a while during WW2, so I'm dubious that anyone here would remember her, but you never know, so I'm going to tell you some of the things she implored me to write a book about, in the 1980's as a child (whilst I may have been quite advanced for my age educationally, I was definitely not capable of writing a book aged 8 years old, as she seemed to think! Lol)

My gran told me she lived in Eveline street, number 85 according to research I've done. She lived with her mother, Hughina (also my grans name, she hated it and went by Linda) Davidson, her father Daniel, brothers John, Dan and Ramsey (George), and sister Nancy (Annie). My gran had another brother who passed age 13 or 14 called Donald, I have lots more info on them but won't go into detail as probably not relevant. My grans parents did however move to Glasgow from Thurso around the time they got married in early 1920s.

One of the stories my gran told me about living there during the war was this - she was around 9 or 10 and helping her mother deliver milk when the air raid siren went off. This was a regular occurrence she said, but for some reason this time was different as she remembers her mum abandoning the milk car, and exclaimed "the Lord has come for us!!" ran and got her family into into the shelter around the back of the tenements. A bomb landed on the houses on the opposite side of the road, their own windows were blown in and she also told me that a well known newspaper journalist had his "toes blown off". Now, I've tried researching this and can't find any record of bombs in Eveline street, nor anything about the journalist. I think he may have been a sports writer but don't quote me on that. I also know not all bombs were recorded. Obvious this was during the blitz, and I know now my gran carried the trauma if living through that as a child with her all of her life. She passed away when I was 18, and didn't fully understand things the way I do now, 25 years later. But if anyone has anything they know about the things I've mentioned I'd be eternally grateful as I'm trying to ensure as many of her memories are documented for my daughter and any future generations beyond her, just as my gran would have wanted, thanks!

#104 - Steven Gibson replied on the 24/07/2023 9:49:17 AM

We lived in 40 Macintosh St, I remember the Early brothers as my brother Doulas and I used to scrap with them,
I think their first names were Thomas and John. My best pal was Jim Telfer, he lived in Ark Lane across from his mum was disabled and one day they moved and that was the last I heard of him. My other pal was Alan Grant he passed away at 17 but I'm not sure what happened to him, he had moved to North Frederick st.
My brothers pals were Joe Naughton and Bill Wright, Joe lived in lived in Edmund st. and Bill lived in Dunchattan st. I remember the Dairy and the newsagents on Dunchattan st. as we bought just about everything we needed there (cant remember their names though) there was a bigger grocers shop further up Dunchattan st and my Gran (Agnes Crosgray) used to buy the butter etc from there.
when our tenement was scheduled for demolition we moved to the Whitburn overspill and i hated it. we used to travel back every weekend to see our pals but in the end they had to move too.
names I remember
Christine and Carol Cameron (twins)
Wilma Wright,
Elizabeth Grant,
Richard Hurd
Frankie Wright
Bobby White
Senga Naughton

#103 - Martin brennan replied on the 17/07/2023 9:44:53 PM

When having a look around Dennistoun on Saturday , I see that the golf hill school is in progress of getting either demolished or refurbished. Can anyone tell me what is happening to the old school please .

#102 - Jim Learmont replied on the 20/06/2023 6:25:46 PM

This has given me memories of Lenas Cafe, Johunnie Chip Shop, Eastons Book Shop and cafe ,Allisons Fruit Shop, Shawa Bakery, Candy Kates - and more - thanks for the memories.

#101 - Jim Learmont replied on the 20/06/2023 5:32:02 PM

Lots of memories on here - the name of the newsagent was Lairds we Learmonts lived above his shop ib 54 Fisher Street - we lived in every house on that floor except one.

#100 - Martin brennan replied on the 5/05/2023 12:16:48 AM

Hi, great memories,I lived at 15 edmund street in the late 60s until 1972.can anyone remember Johnny Bryson he was electrocuted and killed hunting for stray cats in the tenements.

#99 - Wilma replied on the 30/04/2023 11:07:49 AM

I think you are right on the newsagent JC. Also the two bar fire in the surgery. Rosy cheeks all round. Irn Bru with a rubber stopper on the shelves. Can't for the life of me understand the current turmoil over the bottle deposit scheme. That was the lifeblood of our sweetie ration. Who knew we were being Green? In fact everything we did was Green. From the ripped out sweaters - rejigged as kids cardigans, to the hand me downs of everything. Big day when the cousins parted with their outgrown clothes.

Like so many things, the names of the shops are on the tip of the tongue. I could once recite all the cakes I picked up on a Saturday morning. I was entrusted to choose 12 cakes (in a box) at the Coop bakery on Duke St. Pineapple Cake, Eiffel Tower, Tipsy Cake, Fly Cemetery, Fern Cake. Anyone remember other favourites? Also 6 Abernethy biscuits and 6 Coffee buns. We liked our fancies in our house. Now when it was Strawberry Tart season - we were off to the races. You may wonder why everything is capitalized - well that's the way it is in my memories.

Grandma's after school rations. 2 pints of milk and a loaf. My other errands. One pound of rump steak - through the mincer. That would be for the two day mince recipe. Did anyone else have 2 day soup? My favourite. lentil, scotch broth, tattie soup. Carrot, leek and parsley for soup from Allison's at the corner of Macintosh St. The big ugly bag for the tatties and onions.

Let me know if any of your remember this stuff?


#98 - anon replied on the 22/04/2023 9:40:38 PM

Hello again Wilma, I think the name of the newsagent was Skinner, least I can mind something about being told to go round to "Skinner's" for whatever I was being sent for. It might be that I'm getting mixed up and I'm thinking of another shop somewhere else but I'm sure there'll be others here on these pages that will be able to let us know if that's the case. Cheers the now, JC.

#97 - James Crawford replied on the 22/04/2023 8:39:54 PM

Hello Wilma, I know the newsagents you are thinking of but can't remember the name of the family who ran it, I'm sure one of my brothers will be able to tell me. Dr MacKenzie's surgery I mind very well, how the door was set at an angle facing between the streets, the chairs too Wilma and his wee two bar electric fire. My family kept him as our family Dr even after we were moved to Castlemilk, a place I disliked from day one of our arrival and still dislike to this day even though I no longer live there. Even though Dr MacKenzie's surgery moved from the first change of surgery address to near Annfield Place before going down to near the bottom of Abercrombie Street my Dad still has us all travelling to see Dr MacKenzie rather than register with a nearby GP practice.

As you would enter the shop the counter was on your left and towards the back of the shop there was a shelf that ran over the area where the folk working in the shop could come from the back of the shop into the customers area. On that shelf I remember the rows of bottles of Irn Bru that were displayed there.

Next time I'm talking with my brothers down in Glasgow I'll ask them to remind me the name of the folk who had the shop, it's like on the tip of my tongue but then isn't that always the case when you try to remember things quick like. Cheers the now, JC.

#96 - Wilma (Ferguson) Macfarlane replied on the 6/04/2023 12:06:16 PM

Thank you everyone on this thread for the wonderful memories of Dunchattan St. First off the shops on "our bit". Thanks to Kevin Bridges for the image.

There was a paper shop next to Shaw's Bakery. Can't remember the name. Suffice to say he was the keeper of the Beano, the Dandy and later the School Friend and the Girl's Crystal. Went on Tuesdays and Thursdays to collect my prize. There was also drapery shop with amazing Christmas lights displays. Bedsocks, lovely presents of hankies for your Mum.....Sperbers I think.

Saving best till last. Dr Graham's Surgery. Corner of Fisher St and Dunchattan St. Green facade. Corporation Green. Interior was brown. Chairs around and a few benches. "You're after me" being the most important communication. To this day i tell folks I am ahead of them in the queue - just for clarity. With a bit of an edge. I am Glaswegian after all. Later Dr Mackenzie took over. Milder in every way, but amazing nonetheless. No waiting for an appointment. Just take yourself over the road and be willing to sit there until 11pm. After I was married and moved away, I still made the pilgrimage to the centre of my world. Dunchattan St.

Another memory is Galbraiths. Round the corner in Duke St. My first after school job. Money for shoes from Dolcis and clothes from C&A. Everything I needed was a few steps away. Also Lena's. It was a big day when you got a double nugget, a shell or ever a threepenny cone from your favourite Ferguson uncle. He was famous for providing everyone around with a cone??.

Hope this sparks a few memories. Golfhill 1949-1956. Whitehill 1956-1961. Afterwards Mitchell and Stirling's Library followed by Library School at Strathclyde. Now (since 1974) in Vancouver, Canada

#95 - Sharon Rae replied on the 17/03/2023 2:41:43 PM

Hi, I stayed in Cumbernauld Road our tenement building has been knocked down (next to the Roselea cafe across from Duke Street train station) from approx 1970 to 78. Remember climbing/falling off the middens (dykes as we called them) and playing at Whitehill School swinging on old fence that had came down. I went to St Denis's. Remember Jean (always wore a grey shawl and hung out the window) who used to clean the close and also that there was a blind lady who lived on the ground floor. Just wonder if anyone remembers me.

#94 - Norman Smith replied on the 25/02/2023 10:25:46 PM

#65 - Norman Smith replied on the 12/11/2020 7:49:47 PM Hi all. I,m having a second try at finding some contacts from my time living in Dennistoun in Whitevale st above Davidson the undertaker and my time at Thomson St school from 1950 to 1956 and then to Whitehill Sen Sec. 1957/61. We were a lively and bright lot during that time and find it hard to not find anyone. Being in our 70s now I expect not too many are left but I keep on hoping Cheers

#93 - Morag Smith replied on the 12/01/2023 4:56:40 PM

Hi, I hope it's okay to post this info here. We are starting up a few sessions for women in Dennistoun looking at women's history and the lives if women in Dennistoun's past in February. Info below. If anyone is interested, just sign up or get in touch with me.
Morag Smith (Glasgow Women's Library)

Discover women's history in Dennistoun

Friday 24th February for 4 weeks, 10am to 12noon at Culloden Street Hall and Friday 31st March at Glasgow Women's Library 10am to 12noon (free of charge)

Who are the women in Dennistoun's history and how are they remembered? Do you know of any local women from the past or present whose story deserves to be told?

These five fun sessions will include introductory training in how to research and find out more about the history of local women and a visit to GWL to discover the lives of Dennistoun women in the library's archive. You'll also have the chance to share your own stories and memories. We'll be doing arts and crafts and a bit of detective work to find out where women's history in Dennistoun can be found and we'll chatting about how to celebrate the women we discover. You don't need any previous training or skills just an interest in the history of Dennistoun women.

Book a place on
or for more information, contact Morag Smith at Glasgow Women's Library (0141 550 2267)

#92 - James Crawford replied on the 2/12/2022 11:21:11 AM

Hello Gordon, I mind Miss Riddle too, she was the first teacher I ever had. I can also remember playing the triangle in a school concert that was held in the big hall/gym area and from what I remember I just could not get it right. I wonder if anyone remembers Florence Haggerty, she lived at the brewery end of MacIntosh Street on the same side as the Early brothers?

#91 - Gordon replied on the 13/11/2022 2:21:41 PM

I lived at 13 McIntosh first floor until 1960 my next door neighbour mr and Mrs Scott who had a son tommy. On the ground floor the weightman family and the Heaney.
I went to golf hill school and my teacher was miss moffat and I remember Mrs riddle who was my elders sisters teacher. My friend David Moynes lived at 15 and my cousin drew lived at I think 19 . I remember the yard across the road with the flatbed lorry and I knew of Billy hillhouse. One of the weightman sons worked in the butchers I think Blackmore in dunchatten street. With a fruit shop on the opposite corner of McIntosh street. Always the smell of the brewery hops. And the ghost of lady well .
GrEat memories before we moved to greenfield in 1960.

#90 - allan watson replied on the 12/11/2022 9:12:06 PM

Hi Eileen, good to hear from you. Its funny Eileen, I remember Allan and William well but cant bring up the rest of the family. I knew Allan well as my mother always had the family and grandkids at Christmas and Allan had a Santa outfit and appeared with a sack with the kids presents inside. He was brilliant with them. He was into photography at that time, so he would leave, take off his Santa outfit and come back and take photos. He had a scooter at that time, and I have a photo of my son when he was about five, sitting on Allan's Vespa with his crash helmet on. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

#89 - jim burns replied on the 11/11/2022 5:34:23 PM

david stirling were you known as ' studdy ' ? , and lived in the same close a pinky ? .

#88 - bill replied on the 9/11/2022 9:46:46 AM

Agree wholeheartedly Marion. What is she on about? Does she think we're all curious about her particular family. Talk about self-centred!

#87 - marion replied on the 8/11/2022 11:20:36 PM

I don't want to be negative Kerry but I don't think this is an acceptable way to communicate. I think it's up to you to say what you want from users of the post. If you have a question I'm sure people will answer it.

#86 - Kerry Pearson replied on the 8/11/2022 1:13:00 PM

My Nanny BARR JANET GOLD STEWART GRAY 1923 -2007 Address : Hozier street then Bellgrove Street Glasgow
My Mum 1947 born Paddington London
Father : not stated ?
Curious ??

#85 - Eileen Cusack replied on the 21/10/2022 9:24:16 AM

Allan Watson my Watsons grew up at 108 Ark Lane also. Andrew and Sarah had children Allan, Andrew, William, Jean/Jane and Sadie. In the '60s Sadie and her husband Bert Easton lived there.

#84 - David Stirling replied on the 19/10/2022 3:03:34 PM

Wonderful reading of all these comments,I came from Glendale St 1947-1969. Had a smashing childhood,new most of the boy's from Fisher St through my cousin John Kuncaitis, who sadly passed few years ago.Billy Parker Joe Mc Dermott etc, great bunch of guys.

#83 - Ian McVey replied on the 24/02/2022 4:40:09 PM

My Family lived at no 76 McIntosh St top floor ....loved it there playing in Tennents brewery as a Wean and coming down Dunchattan St in a guidy then having ice cream in the bottom Cafe with big Brother Alex and Cousin Iris Dickson who lived in the same close,we moved to Barlanark in the 50s but eventually moved back down to Dennistoun at Glendale St.

#82 - Tom Hillhouse replied on the 23/02/2022 10:47:51 AM

I lived at 53 Sannox gardens from 1949-1975 emigrated to Canada still here. I attended Alexandra Parade and Onslow ss

#81 - Thomas Rodgers replied on the 25/01/2022 4:05:10 PM

Hi Tommy Rodgers here ,my sister Maureen wee brother Alex we lived 71 Fisher St I could go on all day ,its just magic to hear you all talking about our past, names Billy Parker went to Isle ofMan with Billy sometime early 60s Ian Rennox lived in next close Wullie Lee think Iused to run away from him Rab Martin Albert Mellors Wee Davy Johnny Matheson, if anyone can remember us lot drop a line excuse my writing being in the Building game most my life, Lived in NZ spent last 50 years in Somerset

#80 - Sean replied on the 24/01/2022 9:12:20 PM

My name is Sean i was wondering if anyone knew my mother June tweedie who lived in Dennistoun in the 40s and 50s her brothers and sisters were billy Douglas Margaret and marylin which were twins

#79 - Jim Crawford replied on the 17/11/2021 10:12:07 AM

Hello Ian, the house my family lived in at 46 was, like yours, on the top floor. I remember one day when my Dad was painting the outside of the windows the sandstone under his backside falling to bits and down into the street. The houses were pretty much knackered in those years 1960/65 and it wasn't much longer before we were moved out to the scheme in the south of Glasgow. Another thing I still remember from those days were the wooden bannisters that ran from the top of the building down the stairs on the corner close houses. They had little brass studs fixed on the top of them to discourage folk from sliding down them, then again maybe it was for decoration but it did have that effect. I doubt many of todays new build housing would have such bannisters in them.

#78 - Ian McVey replied on the 12/11/2021 3:15:17 PM

Was born in Duke St Hospital 1946 myself and two Brothers Francis and Alex we lived in McIntosh St top flat No 76... In the same close lived my Aunty Agnes Dickson and Granny Bennet....Went to Wellpark School before moving to Barlanark!

#77 - Jim Crawford replied on the 12/11/2021 1:17:17 PM

Other memories I have from my years in McIntosh Street include the Douglas's who lived across the street on the corner of Dunchatten Street, Bill Douglas had the garage workshop place at the hospital end of the street. One of our neighbours was a Mrs Hillhouse whose son had a wee green mini which he let me sit behind the wheel of, given I was only about 5 years old I could neither see over the top of the dashboard or reach the pedals but I could haud oan tae the steering wheel, fair made my day.

Folk I knew up Ark Lane way included Eddie Hynds and Lenni Reynolds. Lenni I met when I began visiting the Old Scotia Bar on Stockwell St, he was the then secretary of the Blue Angels. At the time I was trying for an art higher at Langside college and Lenni arranged for me to visit his place on Ark Lane and do some drawings/sketches of his bike, a chopped Honda 750. I did my best but remember his reaction to my finished artwork as he pointed out very quickly to me the the sump was too low.

Back in 1976 I was working at Alex Beith's car auctioneers who had offices at the far end of the street with the post office at the opposite end. The guy who I had replaced in this job, John Campbell, had a small Honda in the shed at the back of the office and having asked about it learnt that he lived across the road on Duke St. Well I went over to ask about the bike and if it might be for sale and met his sister Margaret Campbell talk about love at first sight! at first I was sort of dumbstruck and muttered away about why I had chapped the door but I wanted to see Margaret again as soon as I could.

Unfortunately though Margaret and me did become boyfriend/girlfriend I blew things as, thinking I was being clever and fearing my coming over as too serious about her when she asked me during a phone call, 'Are you serious about me?' replied I was as serious about her as I was climbing the curtains in my room. Result, hardly surprising, end of relationship I still regret that day for more reason than you might expect. I read in a newspaper years later, around the time of the Live Aid concert, of a man walking into Shettleston Police station and announcing he had killed his wife, Margaret Alice Ann Campbell of Duke Street, Dennistoun. I have tried over many years since then to find out for sure if my thinking this was the same Margaret Campbell was the lassie I had known but without success. I know the Margaret named in the newspaper story had a child, quite if it was a boy or girl I'm not so sure now.

The last time I saw Margaret Campbell was as I made my way to a new year party up by Golfhill school. I had just left a bottle of Martini dry by the door of Margaret's home and was walking up onto Annfield Place when I met Margaret and her new then boyfriend walking her dog, a wee scotty. At the new year party I met a young woman called Janis Sue Smith, sister of Dougie Smith. Janis appeared on the Tennents lager cans that were being sold then. It was at this party I first heard Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Freebird' and watched it being performed on the old grey whistle test.

I have been told of an accident I had when playing up at the swings, apparently one of the swings hit me full pelt in the face and my mother told me of how it was only due to my Uncle Archie convincing her it really was me she was looking at that she believed who I was. Our family doctor was Dr Mackenzie who had his GP practice up Dunchatten St before moving it to near Annfield Place.

#76 - Jim Crawford replied on the 11/11/2021 11:44:44 PM

Hello Folks, I grew up living at 46 MacIntosh St, the folk I remember were the two Early brothers and a lassie called Florence Haggerty (my first ever girlfriend) there was a guy called Gibson, Ian I think. I fair mind playing up at the rocks. I even remember the day MacIntosh Street had its cobbled covered in tarmac.

My family were moved out to a housing scheme on the southside of Glasgow and I knew from the first day I saw the place I didn't like it, and still don't. There were things for me such as the fact the new street I was moving to had gardens in front of them, gardens? Just how were to be expected to throw stones at people the other side of the street like we had been able to do in MacIntosh Street without hitting anyone's windows? On MacIntosh Street one side of the street's kids regularly fought with the other side.

I went to Golfhill school and remember Mrs Riddle was the first teacher I learnt the name of. It was at Golfhill I suffered my most embarrassing moment, I was standing with some other kids, maybe 3/4 at the teacher's desk whilst we were doing some sort of reading thing and I felt the need to get to a loo asap and so as you might expect I put my hand up but the teacher refused to let me say anything and kept on telling me to put my hand down. Well nature took its course and I had the long walk back down Ark Lane, with the evidence of my need of a loo running down my legs, to a leathering by my Mum.

#75 - J replied on the 11/05/2021 11:42:11 PM

Lorraine, I'd forgotten about Alexandra Parade Primary although I think you'd be more likely to remember walking along the Parade if that was the school you attended.
I live on the other side of the country---South Australia.

#74 - Lorraine Daubney replied on the 6/05/2021 8:03:37 PM

Thanks for that. I may have gone to Alexandra Parade Primary school.
What part of Australia do you live. We have family in Perth. I can't wait to visit there again. We went for a month in Jan 2020.

#73 - J replied on the 5/05/2021 10:09:19 AM

Hello again Lorraine
I meant to say that the school closest to Finlay Drive would have been Golfhill Primary. I don't think it's there any more or you could maybe have found out if they keep records going back that far. It's just possible that either the Education Dept. (if that's what it's called----I live in Australia) or even the Health Dept. keep records. I'm thinking it's possible that you would have received an injection at school at that time and the Health records may show where it was given.
Cheers, J.

#72 - Lorraine Daubney replied on the 3/05/2021 1:00:19 PM

J, thank you for your reply. I did think it may have to do with debt, but to leave everything seems drastic. Also the debt companies or loan sharks would have caught up with them at some point. I just wish there was a living relative that could shed some light on it but unfortunately there is no one.

#71 - J replied on the 2/05/2021 11:08:25 PM

So sorry to hear that your stay in Dennistoun wasn't a positive experience Lorraine. I'm not sure I can shed any light on the particular reasons your family fled south but what I can say is that debt is the most likely cause---that's to say, that's why most people did moonlight flits. I speak from personal experience of growing up in the 50's and 60's. I've chosen not to give my full name since some family members still live in Glasgow and it might cause them embarrassment. Good luck with your research.

#70 - Lorraine Daubney replied on the 2/05/2021 5:10:45 PM

Unfortunately I don't have great memories of Glasgow, but I am hoping someone can help me.
Either 1964/65 we moved to Glasgow and lived at 35 Finlay Drive, Dennistoun, Glasgow. I believe it was a three bedroom flat.
My brother Richard was born on 1st July 1965.
There were six children. Linda and Paul Foord my half brother and sister. Then Roy, Lorraine, Caroline and Richard Bird.
Our parents were Arthur (Dickie) and Joan Bird and they had a friend who I believe may have lived with us by the name of Jock Lamont.
I must have been around 6yrs of age as I can remember walking to and back from school although I don't know the name of the school. I only remember that when walking home two girls use to wait at the end of a street and wait for me then hit me.
I don't know how long we lived there but it couldn't have been more than 18months.
However one night we did a moonlight flit, leaving everything behind and travelled to London on the train.
Can anyone throw any light onto why we fled. Apparently my mother was frightened the Scottish were after us because we were English but I don't believe that. There was also a story that my father Arthur and his friend Jock witnessed a murder and on our front door was painted "You're next". Again that seems a bit far fetched.
So if anyone has any memories of us or the infant school I attended I would be very grateful as it is a part of my life and my siblings we would like to know. Unfortunately no one ever spoke about our time there and we have no family to ask.
Arthur apparently was a Lance Corporal in the Tank Regiment, or that is what is stated on my brothers birth certificate. However I thought he came out of the army when we were in Germany and then we went to Glasgow.

#69 - Mick dawson replied on the 3/03/2021 11:21:05 AM

I met a girl called janette Fleming from dennistoun we lost touch I know this is not u her uncle had a bar called the waverley bar

#68 - Alec Burden replied on the 21/02/2021 5:14:11 PM

My goodness! I stumbled across this site when looking to confirm old memories of my childhood in Dennistoun. I'm amazed that there is such a wealth of memories from others, including my best pal Joseph McDermott and cousin Allan Watson. I lived at 4 Broompark Drive until 1959 before we emigrated - to Hawick! Yes, I remember the swing park and still have the scar on my knee to remind me. There used to be a Parkie there, am I right? I'd forgotten about hudgies. Easy enough in these days when the coalman had a horse and cart.

#67 - Iain Macdonald replied on the 8/02/2021 1:22:14 AM

Reading these posts has brought the memories flooding back. We lived at 92 Eveline Street, opposite Mrs Reilly's shop, until about 1965/6. We used to have a big wall in the back court that seperated it from the swingpark. That was until the gales blew it down and we could - for a short while - slide down the grass into the swingpark. I too went to Golfhill School and in my last year there was taught by Mr Holyrood before moving on to Whitehill. Names I remember include Albert Roy, John Dalgleish, Kenny Charters and Billy Haddifon. Back then every bit of ground where we played had a name - The Yardie, The Rocks, Bunny Hill, The Sheepie, The Building. Did you ever get into trouble for catching a hudgie?

#66 - Anne Kennedy replied on the 28/01/2021 1:36:25 PM

Hi there I am trying to find an Maureen Kennedy who was a nursery nurse who lived at 71 Eveline Street away back in 1971 does anyone remember this name

#65 - ALLAN WATSON replied on the 15/11/2020 4:24:19 PM

Hi Great to have happy memories brought back by reading the posts and recognising so many names. I lived at 108 ARK LANE from 1939 till 1963 . My close was next to yours Joe and I remember your brother Neil well. Sorry to learn he has passed away. I knew Robert and Michael Deans well as his dad Micky took me on as a pupil when I took up the sax. Unfortunatelty, I never reached the standard that Bobby and Michael did. The mention of John Pirie's and Dixon's shops brings back so many great memories it almost makes me feel young again !!!

#64 - Norman Smith replied on the 12/11/2020 7:49:47 PM

Hi all. I was brought up in Whitevale St above Davidsons Undertakers. Got married at 21 and moved to East Kilbride 54 years ago. Drove through Dennistoun recently but could not get parked. LoL. Would love to hear from anyone remembers Pops cafe mob, 70th Glasgow Boys Brigade Whitevale Church, Xmas 2 shillings at Sam Alisons or Sammy Rodgers, Frank Kerr, Sydney Kingsbury, the Sproules, the Andersons, the Whites from Whitevale St. Band of Hope.

#63 - A Question replied on the 20/09/2020 7:14:07 PM

Does anyone remember the name of the building society up towards the bread factory. Opp the rangers pub?

#62 - Margaret Brown replied on the 19/09/2020 10:04:03 AM

Hi, lived at no.4 Broompark drive from 1959 to 1963, we were right above Mrs. Lightbody's wee shop. Mum worked in John Piries, I went to Golfhill school then to Whitehill. I remember the rocks,they used to have a bonfire every 5th November, then when it was snowing we used to slide down it on tin trays. I was at school with May Campbell and Eleanor Robb,both lived on The Terrace. Went to country dance classes with Janette Cowan and Patricia Finnegan ( her mum had Finnegan's shop) Dunchattan Street. Nice to read all the comments about my childhood home,loads of great memories and stories to tell.

#61 - Big Wullie replied on the 11/07/2020 7:40:23 PM

Hi Fiona Paterson, what was you're families name I lived on Malvern place, best pal Jim Doyle lived at 28 Slatefield st

#60 - Fiona Paterson replied on the 19/05/2020 5:22:53 PM

To my fellow Dennistonians !!! I myself couldn't have been more "lower" at the start of my life as we lived in Slatefield St Gallowgate till I was 10, my mum worked 2 jobs so we could move and she proudly bought her own house in Finlay Drive "posh" bit !!! NOT !!! LOL, however I too believed it was the BETTER part but oh so wrong it was exactly the same, moved at 17 into my own place on Reidvale St then had a family moved round corner to Thomson St and my partner lived in Ark Lane !!! Although I'm younger than the wonderful ladies on here I didn't notice the difference from one bot to another ! It was and always will be Dennistoun !!! I am now back living in a new build between Duke St and Gallowgate and notice no difference at all, collected working class, middle class and upper class middies and couldn't tell one from another, attended Alexandra Parade Primary and Whitehill Sec school and have thoroughly enjoyed no actually loved growing up and living here. Close to town have loads of things on our doorstep and I think the friendliest Main St of the whole East end You only need to visit park head and Shetleston to know that ! No offence intended just a tad biast. My in laws are also East end through and through and don't think anyone of us would change a thing.

#59 - Robert Stewart replied on the 17/05/2020 4:32:49 PM

I lived in the prefabs at Alexandra Park with my mum and dad and twin sister Janette we went to Haghill school then Whitehill.I played football for the 139 Boys Brigade then we moved to England later returned and stayed in Aberfoyle Street I knew Jackie Clark Alex Gibb and big Andy. Smillie Ally MacDonald etc I now live in Paisley I am 72 now

#58 - Susan Anderson replied on the 13/03/2020 1:36:15 AM

We lived at 66 Edmund st from about 1954 until1965. My dad and mum John and Jessie. My twin Jean and I went to Golfhill and Whitehill schools Had a brother John sisters Margaret and Lily. Don't know if anyone remembers us.

#57 - jeanette replied on the 31/12/2019 10:37:19 PM

Hello again Nancy. Your book has arrived and I haven't read that one so looking forward to it. Thank-you. Will talk more once you email. All the best for 2020.

#56 - jeanette replied on the 24/12/2019 12:03:58 AM

Hi Nancy. I thought about posting my email address. It's still the same but in case you've lost it, it's

Cheers, Jeanette.

#55 - Nancy replied on the 23/12/2019 8:28:42 PM

Hi Joe,the Haddifons are my cousins,Jean ,May and Billy...The women are still in Dennistoun,,Billy passed away just before his 50th birthday..I'm on Duke st ..

#54 - Nancy replied on the 23/12/2019 11:42:59 AM

That's horrendous Jeanette,just saw the fires on the news..I don't think I could cope with those temperatures..Posted a book ,I know you'll enjoy,.i've done little shopping myself ,the old traditions are fading,,George square is lovely ,Xmas is really for kids, and I prefer shopping just after xmas ,it's Sons birthday at new yr..My sister in-law has tickets for next Saterday for the Glen Miller orchestra..something different..I should have posted my email..Xx.

#53 - jeanette replied on the 20/12/2019 2:37:43 AM

Hi Nancy. You're not wrong about the sun. It's 46 degrees C here today so I'm indoors hiding from it. I don't have all my Xmas shopping done yet because it's been over 40 degrees all week. We're promised some cooler weather (32 degrees) tomorrow. It's even too hot to go to the pool. I usually do some laps once a week but not this week. Thank god for air-conditioning. I just hope we don't have a power cut. We sometimes do if there's a lot of demand. Freezing weather sounds good to me at the minute. I fantasise about a white Christmas now and again but I know they're few and far between in Scotland anyway. Not sure when/if we'll ever get over there again. Jim wants to see how the Boris factor plays out. I won't say more on the subject. This is not the place for talking politics. Hope you have a lovely Xmas Nancy and all the best for 2020.

#52 - Nancy replied on the 18/12/2019 7:30:58 PM

Hello again Nancy there is a great page on Dennistoun on facebook called dennistoun through the years its really interesting golfhill school whitehill onslow ect and lots of names from the past

#51 - Nancy replied on the 18/12/2019 6:01:56 PM

Hello again Nancy was out with Billy parker yesterday , we werw blethering about the old days we mentioned the Hadafins from edmund st and james Bailie big sister Nancy james passed away number of years ago being back in Dennistoun is brilliant , Betty billys big sister is still going strong we were in the royal elizebeth hosp seeing her partner yesterday where abouts have you moved back to sorry for asking , cheers again

#50 - Nancy replied on the 18/12/2019 5:41:30 PM

Elaine,was there an Alec McArthur.? It rings a bell.??

#49 - Billy Parker replied on the 18/12/2019 11:21:36 AM

Hello Billy Mathews good to here you are still about I was down the Lake District a few years ago and met one of your old pals remember Raymond Dowse I remember meeting your sister Betty about 10 years ago in the beatson hospital she hadn't changed much still a looker Meet up with my pals Ian Rennox and Joe McDermott every other week We meet-up at the top of Whitevale St you would be more than welcome to join us Ian still lives in Dennistoun I live in E.kilbribe Joe lives in Livingstone Cheers Billy

#48 - Nancy replied on the 18/12/2019 12:11:23 AM

Hello Jeanette,,I guess the Sun is shining at your end, it's like living in a fridge here..! At long last I got the item posted to you,don't know how long it will take,just hope it gets there ok.I lost a parcel last Xmas ( the post did ) that was only going to Larkhall..Next time you venture here get a place in dennistoun it's central,and easier to get to Marjory's..I don't know if Brian's still next door to her,got himself a lovely wife,so she'll have nice neighbours..All the best to you,Jim and your lovely

#47 - Nancy replied on the 17/12/2019 11:50:53 PM

Hi Joe ,last time I saw Michael was on the bus.. I'd been to see his band a couple of times..Always remember a sax playing in Dunchatten street..did his brother maybe live there..I don't think the sound would have travelled from Ark lane..Edmund st was the play st for things like kick the can,or the girls out with a couple of tennis balls,or ropes..Wish the kids today had that freedom..Good to hear from You Joe hope all's well at your end..

#46 - nancy replied on the 16/12/2019 11:13:42 PM

Hi Nancy I meet Billy parker every week in whitevale st then we go for walks , we are meeting tomorrow Michael stayed up the road from me in Ark lane yes he still is great Jazz man his dad also played & his big brother robert played too i still keep in touch with him now and again , he plays in glasgow under the name bobby deans , he is on facebook too , Iam also on facebook denniston through the years its brill , lovely to talk to you Nancy

#45 - Nancy replied on the 14/12/2019 5:12:43 PM

Hi Joe,,we lived 57 edmund st,then moved first close round the corner into Dunchatten st..I thought Michael lived across from us ground floor because I could always hear someone playing the Sax.,fab musician he is..Jim was about 16 when we moved,(,a joiner ) and yep,Celtic man,he' s worked in Celtic park for yrs..not sure if he's still there..I'm a blue nose so we avoid the subject..?? .. I came back to my roots in the 70s and still in Dennistoun..Great times we had !

#44 - joe mc dermott replied on the 8/12/2019 10:00:40 PM

Hi Nancy I remember you and Jim your brother I think Jim worked in tennents iff im right he should me his collection of beer in the wardrobe one night long time ago was he a celtic man iff I remember great memories all the old names from the past

#43 - joe mc dermott replied on the 8/12/2019 9:58:16 PM

just noticed a lot of old names on the posts not be on for a while I remember all the names , Istill visit Dennistoun every week and meet up with Billy Parker we go walking all around Glasgow , still keep in touch with Ian Rennox and Jim McAulay , I still wonder where Lawrence Brolly went Istayed next close to him in Ark Lane , remember all the sisters too and I think he had a wee brother not to sure though lovely seeing all those names , Billy and me talk all about the good old days when we are out love Duke st , anyway it was lovely seeing all those names again cheers Joe

#42 - Big wullie replied on the 5/12/2019 7:09:49 PM

Hi anybody know Jean Mclean also Kenny Mathison who lived on Garfield st.

#41 - Billy Matthews replied on the 29/10/2019 10:28:02 PM

Was born 79Fisher st back window looked out over the clay hill and the swings on Edmond street good to see a lot of names from the past Billy Parker Ian Rennox Joe McDermot anyone ever hear of an old school mate of mine Ronnie Paisley

#40 - Nancy replied on the 27/08/2019 2:13:50 PM

Jeanette,Good to know all's well at your end..It's vague memories,a few of those names were of the older ones..The houstons too Marlyn was in our class,I still see her on Duke st.She had two older brothers..I'LL write soon Jeanette I've something to post to you..Regards to Ailsa & Jim much luv,Nancy..

#39 - jeanette replied on the 26/08/2019 1:27:21 PM

Hi Nancy. Good to hear you're still kicking around. We're all fine at this end. I don't recognise any of the names you mention except for Jackie Reilly and the Daillys. I suspect you knew more people than me because you had an older brother.

#38 - Nancy replied on the 22/08/2019 4:35:53 PM

Jeanette, good to know your ok..Hope the family are all well..Aye those were the days,we were so lucky to play in the streets the way we did..I remember Jackie Reilly,Wee Joe,Michael Deans,Betty Parker,Eric Craig,Rosemary Brolly,Sammy &Elizabeth Dailly.Tony Glakin & his two brothers from Fisher St,have all Sadly passed away..Dunchatten st was a great shopping area it had all that our mammies needed to get their rations.....days before supermarkets..and streets full of traffic !

#37 - Nancy replied on the 22/08/2019 2:52:34 PM

Hi Jeanette,
Nancy Here, I'm assuming it's you old best buddy..,!

#36 - Nancy Friel replied on the 22/08/2019 2:51:11 PM

Hey Joe,
remember You. i stayed first close dunchatten st round corner from Edmund st..
Brother Jim Hynes

#35 - jeanette replied on the 15/08/2019 1:19:16 AM

Apologies Ruth; we're both correct. I didn't know there was another entrance on Eveline St. I always used the one on Edmund St because I lived there.

#34 - jeanette replied on the 15/08/2019 1:14:21 AM

Thanks once again Joe.

#33 - joe mc dermott replied on the 13/08/2019 10:49:43 PM

the swing park looked on to eveline st it was the same swing park only higher up you could walk up from the lower swing park

#32 - jeanette replied on the 5/08/2019 4:49:32 PM

Ruth, I think you're mistaken about the location of the swing park. I lived in Edmund St and unless my memory is really shot to pieces, the park was at the higher end of that street---unless there was one in Eveline St too, but that seems unlikely.

#31 - Ruth (Vint) replied on the 5/08/2019 12:16:44 AM

I grew up in Dennistoun. We lived at 71 Eveline St until 1972 when Tennants bought the land and we had to move to Hillfoot St. I remember all of the places mentioned in the posts here. We raked the lucky midgies, walked the drives and played in the "Trumix". I attended Golfhill Primary and Whitehill Secondary schools. We played at the swing park at the top of Eveline St and Cardross St. My granny lived at 120 Cardross St, My aunty and uncle lived at 4 Broompark Dr and my cousin at 4 Ark Lane. Cameron Mitchell was in my class at school. I remember playing on the rocks, the clayhill and buying my sweets from John Pirries. We had the best of times living in that area. It may not have been posh bit all the money in the world could not replace the most wonderful childhood we had there.

#30 - jeanette replied on the 13/07/2019 1:02:18 PM

Me yet again Elaine

I think the girl in my class may have been called Cumming and not Simmons. I see that there's a Margaret Cumming listed as far back as 1925 and prior to that a William Cumming who I presume was her husband. Lots of other names I don't recognise so I think Margaret Cumming is likely to be the old lady who lived in the close and had been there for years. Hope you find who you're looking for.

#29 - jeanette replied on the 13/07/2019 9:21:39 AM

Me again Elaine
I've just had a look at the Valuation records on Scotlandspeople. If you put in the address (don't include Dennistoun) for Glasgow for a particular year (I randomly chose 1920) then you'll find all the names of occupiers for that time. Hope this helps.

#28 - jeanette replied on the 13/07/2019 12:58:44 AM

Hello Elaine
I lived at number 34 but unfortunately not until the 1950's. However, there was an old woman who lived in the close on the ground floor (same as us) who I believe had lived there for years. I can't recall her surname but she was the grandmother of someone in my class who was called Jean Simmons---if my memory serves me well. I think however that she was Jean's maternal grandmother (but not sure) so the surname would have been different. Not sure if this is of any help. You may however like to look up the valuation rolls on The Scotlandspeople website. I think you can type in an address. I found my own grandparents on it. There's also census records that go up to 1911 if the people you're looking for lived there at that time. Good Luck!

#27 - Elaine Macarthur replied on the 12/07/2019 10:50:08 AM

Hi there

Ian looking for any information about the families that lived at number 34 Edmund Street up to the 1930's if anyone can help

#26 - jeanette replied on the 26/04/2019 9:12:44 PM

When I started this post back in 2013, I wanted to find out if the street I lived in (Edmund St) and the surrounding area gave kids at that time (1950's) more freedom than kids in the "better off" areas of Dennistoun---the Drives for example. While the reply posts are very interesting, none seem to answer the question I originally posed; or maybe the fact that there's none forthcoming from those who lived in the more affluent part does answer the question. I know where I lived was a paradise for kids at that time despite the poor living conditions. I was never allowed round our back because there was a perpetual leak from a sewage pipe I believe---but since the whole area was our playground, it didn't matter.

#25 - Eileen Cusack replied on the 25/04/2019 5:32:21 PM

My aunt and uncle also ran a little restaraunt on Dunchattan.

#24 - Eileen Cusack replied on the 25/04/2019 5:31:30 PM

Thomas Smith my Aunt and Uncle ran the general store at 47 Fisher St. During the 50's and 60's. Last name Easton.

#23 - Alan replied on the 7/03/2019 10:17:20 AM

Aberfeldy st was my old stomping ground, some names that spring to mind Gordon Gentles ( lived in one of the prefabs) Hugh Primrose, j Jack Murphy (Aberdour st) he was murdered in 1967,Ian Jeffrey (Walter st ) also the Grant family (aberfeldy st ) who shifted to England around 1956 and the tragedy of young David Grant who passed away at sixteen after having an fatal reaction to penicillin.His older sister Anne Smith , has lived in Pallam Yorkshire most of her adult life has written a really great book about growing up in dennistoun in the 1950s called two Lassies up a close ,recommend it....

#22 - Allan and Beth Duncan replied on the 6/03/2019 1:19:54 PM

Yes sad when we come home on holiday and can't recognise the old place, but progress is important, Just catching up on this and feeling nostalgic, I hear the pipes calling, maybe time for a holiday home. We lived in 57 Edmund Street when we got married and remember vividly when the tenement over the road from us was pulled down, we used to slide down the hill in the snow

#21 - Thomas Smith replied on the 2/12/2018 1:54:37 PM

I lived at 45 fisher street (above the sweetie shop) from the early fifties until 1966. I had great times, sad to see it is all gone (though understandable) I remember Tony Glackin and the name Jim Learmont. Been great reviewing the posts.

#20 - TERRY SMILLIE replied on the 27/02/2018 1:01:44 PM


#19 - charlie wylie replied on the 6/11/2017 1:34:59 PM

Hi I lived above Edna shop at 79 fisher street and want to golf hill school I was both 1941 our neighbours were the reds the Mathew and the gavigans,does anyone remember me all the best

#18 - James Mc replied on the 4/09/2017 12:32:04 PM

Dennistonian... I did the opposite journey to you in the 70s.

We lived in the Drives, but every week we would walk up to my grannies house in the Sighthill flats. We would walk along Alexandra Parade, and cross over at Wills, to the footbridge across the motorway near the Cup and Saucer.

From there we would walk along James Nisbet St, past the playpark at Rhymer Street, and down to cross the big motorway interchange which was being built over the years, past Baird St police station to the high flats.

Apart from the flats themselves, most of this route still exists.

#17 - Dennistonian replied on the 4/09/2017 10:10:06 AM

To all those who have been posting, thank you for sharing all your memories. I grew up in Royston in the 70s but visited Duke Street practically every Saturday to go to Radio Rentals to pay our television or go to Fine Fare with my mum. Was such a thriving community and passing all the big houses made me feel like I was in a different world. Please keep sharing!

#16 - anon replied on the 3/09/2017 10:21:11 AM

Hi Jeanette, unfortunately that name does not ring any bells the only family name I remember were the Archibalds who lived at number 71, right next to those well loved swings.As I write this I've remembered my Mother worked in the fishmongers in Duke St just round the corner from Dunchattan St going towards Duke St Hospital

#15 - jeanette replied on the 15/08/2017 8:50:57 AM

Hi Joe
Sorry to hear about your brother. It's still a loss no matter how old you are. I envy you your regular walks with pals you've had all your life. Being a migrant (I live in Australia)that kind of continuity is something I miss. Thanks by the way for mentioning the Glasgow Chronicles. I've just spent a good part of my morning looking at the photos. Nice to hear from you again too.

#14 - Joe Mc Dermott replied on the 14/08/2017 7:01:49 AM

Hi Jeanette myself and Billy Parker and Ian rennox meet up and go for walks every couple of months and walk where we used to run about in Dennistoun the rocks the graveyard wall we even climb up it !! just accross from Golfhill school and many other areas of our past , there is a site called Glasgow chronicals with lots of stuff on it it brings back great memories old black and white photos , we are meeting up this week on Thursday for an other adventure just lost my big brother to Altzimers been with me for 70 years anyway it was nice to see you online again Joe Mc Dermott

#13 - jeanette replied on the 12/08/2017 9:23:08 AM

To John Kerr.
I'm wondering if you knew the Clark family. They lived near the swings on the same side. Alan was in my class at school. He had a sister, Joyce, and 3 brothers I think. Angus and Alistair were 2 of them and I can't remember the other one's name. They were all younger than Alan. I'm pretty sure their dad worked in Tenants brewery. The family moved to Easterhouse in the early 60's not far from where I lived but as we got older I lost touch with both Alan and Joyce. I've often wondered what happened to them.

#12 - john kerr replied on the 11/08/2017 7:19:18 PM

I lived in high Fisher st around 1952 at the bottom of the clay hill then in early 1953 move up to Edmund street No 69 second close down from the swing park on the same side, those swings were the biz for a five year old and FREE , the family .. Parents William and Helen,Bill,Elizabeth,Myself and wee brother Douglas remained there till early 1956 then moved out to a brand new house in Garthamlock with A BATH AND INSIDE TOILET........ the rest as they say, is history

#11 - joe mc dermott replied on the 27/09/2013 12:24:55 AM

Hi Beth nice to see you online again, I hope you and Alan are both well , going to the pavilion tomorrow with Betty, Billy and Linda to see an old 50s 60s music concert bring back memories !! , My big brother has altzimers now pretty grim and his wife is being looked after by Marie Curie nurses , so im pretty busy running in and out of Kirkintilloch where they live , i have to say hello from Jim Billy Ian and Betty to you both , hope your enjoying your retirement God bless   Joe

#10 - Beth replied on the 25/09/2013 10:16:18 AM

Good reading your posts, Allan grew up in Lower Fisher STreet and was buddies with Joe McDermott. When we got married in 1969 we moved into 57 Edmund Street until we emigrated in 1972

#9 - Debbie replied on the 15/09/2013 12:28:21 PM

What a lot of great memories that have came flooding back thanks to all your posts! Joe you lived at 114 Ark Lane as did I, I lived in the top flat with my grandparents the Donaldson's, I can remember your family and yourself. I was a few years younger than you and can remember you moved away I think to get married? I also remember the Brolly's in particular Elaine, who used to baby sit me when I was a baby. The Mitchell's lived in the same house as Miss Lauder but they owned the bottom half. Jackie,Lorraine and Cameron. I am still in touch with Jacke and her family. To Jim Duncan I also remember the record sessions and a couple of the names you mentioned. I can remember chalking beds outside my close and playing them with friends and being made scrub them off by either Miss Lauder or Miss Nugent! Also remember lucky midges of which you did not share where they were except with your very best palls. I also remember keeping look out at Tennents gate so my cousins could get past the watchie, to steel the empty Coka Cola bottles which we took to Lena's cafe in dunchatten st in exchange for sweets. I have lots more memories if anyone would like to hear more let me know. Kind Regards Debbie

#8 - joe mc dermott replied on the 5/03/2013 7:33:28 PM

Hi Jim your dead right miss Lauder stayed there in the 50s 60s I also used to play with a boy and girl who lived in the house not sure the name though , I ran about with harry lees big brother wullie , your right about the age bit 5 yrs is big jump , I left Glasgow in 1972 for Livingston !! what a mistake that was , going to see Betty Parker on friday Billys big sister , visit glasgow every week just about , anyway nice to hear from you Jim cheers Joe

#7 - Big Wullie replied on the 5/03/2013 4:20:57 PM

Never lived in the area, but went to school with a few friends who did this was in1949/1951+- Dennistoun JS, Robert Ferrie, Edwin Burrows, Willie Torrance,Dougie Walker, Nancy Crockett, and Truswell can't remember first name.

#6 - JIM DUNCAN replied on the 5/03/2013 11:10:29 AM

HI JOE.Was miss lauders house the big one in its own grounds on the left just after you turn left from broompark drive going down ark lane.if it was the family that had were the mitchells i remember often being in there as we all used to hang around firpark terrace and go down there a lot to have record sessions.this was around 1968-1970.names i remember from around dunchatten street were jimmy shields.shuggie learmont,harry lee,rab purdie alex weatherall,tony glackin.wullie barnett,the mckenzie brothers rab&bill to name but a few.i am now 60 so might be a wee bit younger than you ....anyway all the best JIM

#5 - joe mc dermott replied on the 4/03/2013 7:20:46 PM

Hi Billy I think Lawrence came from Coatbridge originally he also had 3 sisters rosemary , denise cant remember the other , he went to st Marys in the calton with me and Michael Deans lived next closed to me in ark lane the close next to where miss lauders big house , betty Kelly has asked me me to ask you your second name if you dont mind , Betty is getting an operation on her foot tomorrow , was thinking about the clayhill at the weekend , I wonder if you could sell the clay
to artists !!! anyway it was nice reading your we bit cheers, I am going into see Betty tomorrow after her OP will give her your regards cheers for now billy Joe

#4 - Billy replied on the 28/02/2013 9:59:09 PM

John Piries was the shop on Ark Lane, he sold everything as most of the shops in Dennistoun did,on the opposite corner to Dixons was Flemings there were that many shops in the area it was fantastic, at one time we had three chip shops on Dunchattan St two ice cream shops and numerous grocer shops, I went to Golfhill School in the fifties but left to go to the housing schemes that were popping up about that time, I returned in 1964 and lived there until 1969 when I married, I left Glasgow in 1974 and have been lucky enough to have worked all over the world, I am now retired and live in Southern Spain.

#3 - jeanette replied on the 28/02/2013 9:15:06 PM

Hi Billy, I lived in low Edmund St. Number 34, next close to Jackie Reilly. Thanks for the name of the newsagents on the corner. Was John Pirie's the one near the top of Ark Lane on a corner. We used to buy our sweets at a shop up there on our way to school. I knew it as a sweetie shop but it was probably a newsagent.

#2 - Billy replied on the 28/02/2013 8:13:40 PM

Hi Jeanette and Joe, I was just wondering if it was high Edmund St or low Edmund st you lived,I know Joe Lived on Ark Lane,I remember Jackie he lived in the ground floor with his Mother first close low Eveline St next door to paper shop think it was Dixons, it wasn't John Piries as his shop was on Ark Lane.Things were hard for all of us but we all mucked in and made the best of it,I remember the lucky midges Joe but cant put a face to Lawrence Brolly but know the name, what school did he go to?.

#1 - jeanette replied on the 27/02/2013 10:52:55 PM

Thanks for your reply Joe, I remember the name Lawrence Brolly but nothing about him. I don't remember the grocer's shop unless it was the one just around the corner from Edmund St in Dunchatten St. Was John Piries' newsagent the one just on the corner of Edmund St/ Dunchatten St, just next to Jackie Reilly's close? I only lived there for about 3 years so my memory of these places is not as good as yours. I often wonder though what it must have been like for the women living in these tenements. While it was great fun for the kids,it might have been quite oppressive for some of the adults. Our house was on the ground floor at the back of the close with windows overlooking the back court only. During our whole time there, there was a burst sewage pipe and the back was continuously contaminated with foul water so that we couldn't play out there. I'm guessing it must have smelled too although I don't remember any smell. The conditions were appalling and when we moved from there in 1959/60 I assumed it was because the houses were coming down. I seem to remember that they'd been condemned before we even moved in. I later learned that people were still living in them in the 1970's.

#0 - joe mc dermott replied on the 18/02/2013 6:29:23 PM

Hi Jeanette , yep you have a good point , I think being brought up in the streets was a bit lower than than drives , for example we use to rake the midges in the backcourts !! honest , but when we went up to the drives we called them the lucky midges there were better stuff up there , we also used to steal crab apples and ordinaty apples up there to , also remember the caterpillars on the bushes in the gardens , there was also inchcoo stuff we put down other kids backs to make them itchy ! great fun , where we stayed we had dykes to climb the hoey and the yardy I think thatsd what they were caled , my favourite was on a saturday Michael Deans Lawrence Brolly and myself would go up the drives and have an expedition around all the fancy houses to see what we could nick sorry about that , the two led me astray ! do you remember Mrs Lightbodys wee grocer shop just next to Miss Lauders house my mum and dad owned it before her im afraid my old dad liked his whisky !! so it did not last very long the shop , I had a friend who stayed in broompark dr when we were very young Alec Burden stayed accross from Johhn Piries newsagent John is still alive ! my big brother Neil met about a year ago , it was nice to hear from you Jeanette all the best Joe

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