new shop meadowpark st/onslow drive

denny posted on the 8/03/2013 11:03:23 PM

Good to see what looks like a new shop opening at the corner of Meadowpark St/Onslow Drive. It was previously an eyesore and had lain derelict for about 20 years.

#1 - anon_l replied on the 9/03/2013 2:28:12 PM

Is this the tiny wee shop on the corner? Wonder what it'll be. My bets either a food shop of some sort or a hairdressers? Dont mean to be cynical! :)

#2 - denny replied on the 10/03/2013 7:39:45 PM

it used to be a newsagent shop in the 1980s, a wee gold mine I would imagine being opposite the school.

#3 - Jay replied on the 16/03/2013 11:01:10 AM

I noticed last night it had signs up. "Ginas Deli", i think.

#4 - Fab replied on the 7/03/2024 12:51:37 PM

Shop vacant as from today and available after 7 years as Upholstery workshop.
Hopefully someone will be wanting to open a new business instead of being empty and closed.

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