McDougalls of Golfhill Drive

Jim Thomson posted on the 25/11/2013 7:54:30 PM

Does any one remember the McDougall's of Golfhill Drive who owned a Butcher's shop in Duke St ? Their son Ronnie was the local promoter who brought the Beatles to Glasgow when they played the Odeon in 1963. I remember Ronnie brought 3 of the Beatles(Paul, Ringo and George) back to his house to meet his mum - no one was out side their close when they went in , but full of screaming girls when they left. I lived in the next close.

#1 - Pamela replied on the 26/11/2013 11:49:35 AM

Hi there, I don't remember the McDougall's but my husband's uncle lived in Golfhill Drive, Bruce Burns and he told me this story the last time he was in Glasgow.  He has many happy memories of his time there.

#2 - Orla replied on the 26/11/2013 9:58:02 PM

I remember Mcdougalls butchers ,it was on Duke street near Meadowpark street ,Doigs the newsagent was next door.

#3 - Frank replied on the 29/11/2013 12:11:04 AM

I went to St mary's primary school with a boy called Ronnie McDougall. At that time he lived with his parents in Sidney Street. Ronnie was born in 1947 so couldn't have been the promoter Ronnie mcDougall you mention. He could have been his son. I always wonder where young Ronnie ended up. After we left primary we never met again.Would be nice to get in touch again as we got on together. Anybody have any info.

#4 - Ian_inaz replied on the 30/11/2013 8:34:40 PM

I remeber the Mcdougalls well.
Ronnie Mcdougall had the butchers shop in Duke St close to Meadowpark St.
There were 2 sons, Alan, and David, both very musical.
David I think went to London and was in a band, but dont think he ever made it big, so to speak. He may well have been a session musician.
Alan was the older brother and he was in the business, and brought the Beatles up to his Mum and Dad's in Golfhill Dr.
I remember seeing the Limo parked outside the close.
I went up to the house when he had brought up Alan Clarke of the Hollies and Spencer Davis.
Alan I believe was the publicist at one time for Elton John.
He also wrote a musical column at one time for a girls magzine like The Jackie or something, his nom de plume being Alan Alan.
I believe he passed away in LA from Cancer related illness, maybe late seventies.
Not sure where David ended up.
I also remember Bruce Burns, as someone else mentioned, and his brother Grant.
Pamela, have you any idea where Grant Burns is?

#5 - bruce Burns replied on the 4/12/2013 1:36:19 PM

remember all this so well, i lived in the next close(265)__ Alan did pass away, but David lives in Manchester i think, my brother Grant lives in Lenzie and has done since the family including myself moved there in 1963, For interest sake i am living in Cape Town and have done since 1970, was back in May for my Mums 90th birthday and just had to go to Golfhill Drive, still the same---thanks all for all the memories

#6 - Willie Hervo replied on the 23/10/2020 1:40:20 AM

I worked in McDougalls Butchers . From 1961 to 1969..Unfortunately I missed the beatles arriving by minutes. But I did meet the Hollies and Long John Bawldry..Ronnie's wife was called Molly, and his two lads were Alan and David..
We had a big basement in the shop where we made all the sausages , black pudding , haggis, potted meat . Etc.. I still have dreams about working there , and I can still see the faces of the men I worked with .I will be 75 next year ..Duke St was a great place then.

#7 - Ian_inaz replied on the 26/10/2020 4:14:10 PM

Willie Hervo. Must have passed you by many times. My parents were friends of the Mcdougalls, and as a kid Id be down with my mum every day to Duke St. My gran stayed in first close round the corner from the butchers. Was in the shop many many times, and remember Ronnie would invite my mum into the office for a dram! hahaha. Always remember he would have a 'Glamour' calendar up on the wall!
Also remember one of the butchers called 'Alex', and remember the 'Half' cows hanging up in the shop.
Changed days in Duke St now.

#8 - David McDougall replied on the 12/12/2020 7:45:25 PM

Just been alerted to this post. I am The David McDougall that is referred to here. Most thing posted are pretty accurate. My brother Allan did bring three of The Beatles to our house one Sunday morning. My Dad was having a long lie and decided not to get up to meet them. He didn't realise that they were on there way to becoming superstars. Alan Clarke of The Hollies and Spencer Davis also came to the house to sign the band I was in My brother Allan passed away 25 years ago. He had fought cancer and had recovered but the chemo had had a detrimental effect on his heart and he was on the transplant list in Los Angeles in 1988. No heart was found but after a triple bypass he lived for several more years finally succumbing to Sepsis after a hip operation. I now live in Stockport Cheshire and am retired.

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