Dennistoun Junior Secondary School

Big Wullie posted on the 5/05/2015 1:24:44 PM

Did anyone attend 1949/5 if so names please. Thanks

#1 - Homebird replied on the 12/05/2015 10:28:04 PM

Hi Willie, try Friends Reunited, maybe find names there.

#2 - John Kennedy replied on the 24/01/2021 1:32:30 PM

At 82 years I don't think there are many if any of us left. I went to dennistoun primary at 5 years old.1943.At 11 year old I was sent Haghill primary which I hated.After the qualification I went back to Dennistoun junior for 3year and left dux of the school
.and went onto 6 months full time to Stow collage.

#3 - Big Wullie replied on the 18/02/2021 2:53:44 PM

I'm 84 and can remember most of my classmates, left in 1951.

#4 - Alan replied on the 19/02/2021 12:47:27 AM

Was this school what could be loosely described as a "Trade school " Whitehill was a school where you were streamed into Latin, French or German language if you passed in the top of the so-called , eleven plus exam this school was where you were sent, next school was Onslow drive then I think Dennistoun Junior Secondary, I may be wrong but I think that was how it played out.,

#5 - Allan Watson replied on the 8/03/2021 4:28:29 PM

Hi Alan, You have got it right. I moved from Golfhill primary to a school in Carntyne for what was called 6 months Prep before starting at Whitehill in 1951. After a year I decided I wanted to become a joiner and transferred to Onslow Drive to get practical subjects rather than languages. Like John, I attended Stow College, and studied for my City Guilds on a day release basis.

#6 - Margaret Brechin replied on the 17/02/2023 11:07:59 AM

Does anyone have school photos to share I attended between 1955--1958

#7 - Jimmy Wood replied on the 26/11/2023 10:22:45 AM

Regarding the schooling in the fifties, I was a pupil in Haghill primary school then because I didn't pass my qualifications I was enrolled in Dennistoun Secondary, I am convinced that we got pigeon holed and poorly judged by the system therefore a lot of youngsters at 11 years of age were displaced in schools which did not allow the potential for them to be taught correctly and condemned their true abilities to the dust bin, Dennistoun school was a complete disaster for me the headmaster was too soft with his staff and apart from the technical teachers the rest were bullies .
The only good thing was at dinner time when you could escape for an hour and sit in the cafe on Cumbernald Road and play the juke box to hear the latest pop music, what a treat.

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