big house in Ark Lane

joe mc dermott posted on the 31/01/2017 7:39:48 PM

Im trying to find out about the big house which was in Ark Lane 40s 50 60s 70s A miss Lauder used to live in it she was a teacher in Golfhill primary I lived at 114 ark lane myself the house was just accross from tennants brewry and 20 yards from my house any information would be very welcome Joe

#1 - Iain Robertson replied on the 31/01/2017 11:08:57 PM

Hi Joe, we lived at 115 Dunchatten street above the grocers and Miss Harris fruit shop, we played on the bottom of Evelyn street which was blocked by the big wall at the back of Miss Lauder's.
If you played football or rounders and the ball went over the wall woe betide you if she was home. She knew who we were as we all went to Golfhill
I emigrated to N.Z. in 64 I do not know what happened to the house
Cheers Iain

#2 - The Mentalist replied on the 1/02/2017 10:49:58 AM

Have a look on They do overlays of the area and you can see where exactly it was. It's an addictive site.

#3 - John replied on the 5/02/2017 8:43:27 PM

Hello if you like the NLS map website, visit their new space at kelvin hall, they have the online maps and a film archive too

#4 - The Mentalist replied on the 6/02/2017 1:22:20 AM

Thanks John. I'll check it out.

#5 - Eileen Cusack replied on the 25/02/2020 4:42:13 PM

My mum's family (Watson) lived at 108 Ark Lane for at least 3 generations. Before that they were on Golfhill. Mum's sister and her husband (the Eastons) were living there as of the late 40s until I believe at least through the 70s. They ran two places: a general store and a "working man's" restaurant. One was on Dunchatten and the other at 47 Fisher St., but I don't know which address was which place. ??

#6 - Tom Frankland replied on the 25/01/2021 5:44:12 PM

Hi Eileen, I am carrying out family history research and coincidentally 108 Ark Lane appears twice as the residence of two ancestors in 1922 and 1928. Clearly that is long before your Mum's family but I wondered whether any photos exist of the property which I believe has since been demolished. If not, it would be interesting to know what type of house it was as I am interested to establish what sort of status in life those ancestors had at that time. Hope you can help ? Cheers, Tom

#7 - Daniel Kane replied on the 15/10/2022 11:03:41 AM

I am researching my wifes family history (Kernachan) and have found out that my father in law lived at 122 Ark Lane in 1965. I understand the house in no longer there but was wondering if anyone had any photos of the area they would be willing to share?
Thanks in advance.

#8 - Steven Gibson replied on the 24/07/2023 9:50:39 AM

I attended a birthday party in the big house in Ark lane around 1966, i remember being awe struck at the size of the house (we lived in a one bed tenement in Macintosh st for comparison).
When you entered the house the stairway was immediately in front and was similar to what you see in movies of the grand old houses.
the lounge was on the right and it was probably the same size of our whole house. I always imagined that the people who owned it must have been extremely rich.
The birthday party was for a girl in my class in school but i cant remember her name

#9 - Tam Beaton replied on the 24/08/2023 8:18:13 PM

Cameron Mitchell lived there with his Mum in the mid 70s. I dont know anything after 78.

#10 - Joyce Sundstrem replied on the 13/11/2023 11:22:43 AM

Hi Eileen and Tom,
Our families must have been neighbours. My gran, grampa, my mum and her sister (Wood) lived in 108 Ark Lane on the top floor, gran was there until it was demolished.
Mum remembers all about the area and Miss Lauder house.
We lived in Edmund St then Broompark Dr and I went to Golfhill too.
I've also just found a photo on Facebook of the corner of Ark Lane and Edmund St looking up towards the school. Not sure if I can post it on here.

#11 - Jimmy Wood replied on the 23/11/2023 1:40:48 PM

I lived in 120 Ark Lane and our side windows faced on to Miss Lauder front garden, I remember the young girl who lived in the house but never got up the courage to speak to her, when they moved out I think that was when John Kernachan moved in and I remember him well , I bought his Anglia Van off him before he left to take up a new job with a house in Argylshire I think and worked for the Forestry commission, John was very tall and I used to meet him on our way to work but I had to almost run to keep up with Johns big strides , he kept in touch with letters to my parents telling them of the environment he was now in with roe deer regularly appearing in his back garden .

#12 - Andrew Ross replied on the 5/06/2024 10:16:52 AM

Anyone wishing to see a photo of Miss Lauder go to glescapals website, click on schools, golfhill and you will see a picture of her from 1947 with pupils.

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