Loud noise from neighbours

Rosie posted on the 21/02/2017 1:01:12 AM

I have been having trouble with neighbours from above with their noise levels during the night. I'm curious what kind of help is available as I do not feel comfortable speaking to them face to face. I have noticed during the day there is a loud noise like moving furniture about from one end to another and this continues everyday either morning or night. it's weird cause I do not hear any movement of footsteps or door closing as this might be expected living in a flat. It's only this loud thump that goes on for several minutes and am worried soon my ceiling will have cracks. I have lived there for many years and never had any problems with noise until recently. I have contacted the GCC and was advised they can't do much if its not like loud music or etc. Any suggestion would help!

#1 - The Mentalist replied on the 21/02/2017 11:12:03 AM

I'd go to their door and just explain the situation. They might not even realise you can hear what's going on and could nip any potential situation in the bud.

#2 - john replied on the 21/02/2017 10:04:14 PM

go to their door and tell them that the noise is causing you distress, or if you feel more comfortable put a note through their door - that's the neighbourly way to deal with it.
the only other thing I could suggest is contacting the police as they can have a word with your neighbour about noise levels at night.
you shouldn't have to put up with this

#3 - Mr E replied on the 22/02/2017 9:56:56 AM

I feel your pain. For several years on and off, one of our neighbours would knock on the wall at night. But because our bedroom was next to the close as opposed to away from it, we could never prove if it was coming from the flat directly below us or below and across from us.

We went and spoke to both of them and they both said they could hear it and blamed the other. We were left with an impasse. We spoke to the police and they suggested we bring in the glasgow anti-social group.

If you google: "council anti social glasgow" you'll find them. We had them out several times, but our problem was that the knocking would only occur for a few seconds loudly, then again five minutes later with nothing later. The expectation of further knocking made getting back to sleep impossible. It might not seem much, but it was one of the worst years of my life. I spent most of the year ****tered.

It got so bad in the end, we decided to advance our plans to move. I liked Dennistoun, but some of the people there are small minded and petty to carry out a campaign like that.

I wish you luck, and hope you don't have to go to the level that we did to fix the problem.

#4 - Alan replied on the 22/02/2017 9:57:47 AM

Last thing I'd do is contact the police. My neighbours tv was always really loud so I politely asked them to turn it down. If anything, they were embarrassed and it's been fine ever since.

#5 - StandandDeliver replied on the 22/02/2017 2:19:40 PM

Your upstairs neighbours probably have stripped floorboards.

Unless they are willing to play nicey, there is absolutely nothing you can do legally (except move).

I've been putting up with a constant cacophony of impact noise on bare floorboards for the last 9 nine from my upstairs neighbours. Finally had enough and intend to sell this year.

#6 - Rosie replied on the 24/02/2017 1:06:54 AM

Thanks everyone for your advise I really appreciate it. I have left a note through the post to advise them about it. The noise did stop after midnight but still continuing at early mornings. The noise is horrendous its like moving large furniture and dropping it. The noise last few seconds and stops I have tried to record it but the audio just doesn't pick up the actual noise. I'll check council anti social glasgow out and see what happens from there if it doesnt work out well then need to contact the police, am trying to leave this last as we dont know who these neighbours are a and I have no idea what they upto in that flat that is causing the noise during the day and night.

#7 - Mr E replied on the 24/02/2017 11:47:54 AM

The one thing I'd say about the Glasgow anti-social team, is that they don't stay long at properties.

They don't come straight away and tend to seem to go to large scale disturbances. It's almost a waste of time contacting them at the weekend.

It's better to try during the week. I did the same as you to try and record it, but I didn't have much luck either. I think I have a recollection from the anti-social team saying that the recording wouldn't be much proof as they need to hear it themselves. But I could be recalling incorrectly through the mists of time and my sleep deprivation.

#8 - StandandDeliver replied on the 24/02/2017 8:40:29 PM

The police won't come out for what you are describing, Rosie. It's not a police matter. It's not as if they are playing loud music.

The council will tell you that unless you think the upstairs neighbours are acting maliciously, their hands are tied. They call it "normal living noise".

It doesn't sound as if your neighbours are doing anything outrageous. Stripped flooring in upper flats is a nightmare and shouldn't br allowed. ANY kind of impact noise on that floors sounds like an explosion below.

I sympathise.

#9 - Mr A replied on the 27/02/2017 8:02:41 PM

Sorry to side-track the thread but, Mr E - I'm 99% sure that I live in the tenement you wisely fled a while ago, and just so you know, it's not any better now! The couple below us (below and opposite where you lived (if indeed you did live there)) go out every Thursday night, invite their pals back and proceed to shout/swear/smoke until about 3am. Every. Thursday. Night.

Last time I went down to politely ask if they could keep the noise down, they told me to "shut [my] ****ing baby up" (I have a 3 yr old). Granted, it must be a nightmare living below a toddler but, y'know, there're friendlier ways to deal with it. We're planning to follow your lead and leave too. Some people, eh.

#10 - john replied on the 28/02/2017 1:13:21 AM

my upstairs neighbours used to do the same thing EVERY Saturday night from 11pm till about 4.00 the next morning, eventually I phoned the police one Saturday when they arrived home at 11pm (I phoned 999) and explained the situation, the police turned up about an hour later, kicked everyone out and read the riot act to the owners, nowadays they have more consideration and only have a party every few months and it starts about 10pm and ends at midnight

#11 - Jo replied on the 28/02/2017 10:12:09 AM

I am having a similar problem. Luckily have the support from most of the other people living in our block.

We currently have the community safety team involved.

You can google the address as unable to
Post the link

#12 - Clara replied on the 18/03/2017 11:02:20 PM

The council's noise team are called community safety glasgow who can attend and issue warnings, fines and stand as an independent witness if matters go to court. However there is a difference between social noise (everyday living noise) and anti-social noise (parties, loud music) and noise is probably one of the harder matters to prove. Keeping a diary might be useful to evidence the noise, times, duration and how you felt. A note may help but trying to speak with your neighbours may be more effective.
I hope you're able to resolve the matter and don't feel forced to move.

#13 - Concerned replied on the 19/03/2017 1:02:34 PM

My neighbour got spat in the face for telling her neighbours above her to calm it down a few weeks. A sixty year old woman being spat at by a 20-ish year old male. //

#14 - Gill replied on the 15/10/2023 6:34:32 PM

My neighbour plays a Grand Piano in a terraced house relentlessly. My contract is to work from home and it is impossible with the noise through the adjoining wall. She has suggested I get better ear plugs. I have no alternative but now plan to leave. How sad these disrespectful people are amongst us

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