Marilynn posted on the 24/03/2017 10:04:34 PM

My lock isn't turning with the key, anyone know a locksmith free tomorrow?!

#1 - qfx replied on the 24/03/2017 10:19:23 PM

Before calling a locksmith try some WD40 in the lock.

#2 - Marilynn replied on the 25/03/2017 1:42:16 AM

Cheers, will do.

#3 - Chris replied on the 25/03/2017 11:34:37 AM

If its a yale lock its dead easy to change, cost around 15 quid.

#4 - Vadim replied on the 3/01/2022 2:06:54 PM

I've found this forum after years, I was happy finding it, and I thought it could be a great idea using WD40, but the lock was damaged even worse. I would say, in case you have any issues with your lock or keys, better contact the locksmith //

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