Dennistoun/Haghill boundary

Big G posted on the 18/06/2017 9:34:05 PM

Hello all

Settling a debate with my pal here. Where is the boundary between Dennistoun and Haghill? I say the railway line, he says Cumbernauld road.

Can't find the answer anywhere online. Thoughts?

#1 - Bamber replied on the 19/06/2017 1:05:03 AM

The Railwayline!

Cumbernaud Road/Alexandra Park street(parallel to the railtrack) is the furthest Eastern part of Dennistoun!

#2 - Jen replied on the 19/06/2017 9:25:42 AM

Yes I think it's the rail line, anything beyond that is Haghill.

#3 - anon replied on the 19/06/2017 9:30:29 AM

id say anything past the park gates

#4 - anon replied on the 19/06/2017 7:40:32 PM

Cumbernauld road

#5 - The Mentalist replied on the 20/06/2017 1:55:56 PM

The tenements are the boundary so the last Victorian tenement at Cumbernauld Road is the boundary.

#6 - Jacq replied on the 21/06/2017 12:51:32 AM

I live at the west side of Kennyhill Square with the Lea Rig pub on the corner - we are in Dennistoun - the other side of Kennyhill Square is in Haghill - the border is where the Parade becomes Cumbernauld Road which runs into our street so St Rollox Bowling club is in Haghill but my side of the street (Kennyhill Square odd numbers) is in Dennistoun. Have this in good authority from Glasgow City Council.

#7 - Flora replied on the 23/06/2017 12:28:39 AM


I was always under the impression that Dennistoun runs from Eastercraigs to Westercraigs - something to do with original plans for the building of Dennistoun.

#8 - anon replied on the 23/06/2017 12:50:19 PM

A freedom of information enquiry to the council asking about historic district areas is available here:

"Glasgow City Council does not have a boundary dataset that splits the city into localities that correspond to historic districts."

"For operational business purposes only, the city is divided into 56 neighbourhoods which were derived from the boundaries of 10 Local Housing Forums."

"The Community Council boundary dataset is the only other dataset that may infer "historic districts" due to the names given to each Community Council. However, as these boundaries may change over time, they cannot be considered as representing the Council’s view of historic districts."

Put your address into here and you can view the city council ward, community council, and local neighbourhood boundaries (and more) -

#9 - Zoltan replied on the 5/07/2017 5:40:25 PM

The border is Cumbernauld Road at the Bowling Green/Appin Road,traffic lights.

Alexandra Park,the Church next to it and the Tennements opposite,are all part of Dennistoun!

#10 - Anon replied on the 9/07/2017 9:46:55 PM

Haghill starts at appin road ... at the road where Alexandra parade meets cumbernauld road

#11 - jeanette replied on the 9/07/2017 11:26:53 PM

Is Walter St in Dennistoun then? I always thought it was but now I'm not so sure.

#12 - Anon replied on the 10/07/2017 5:24:59 PM

No Jeanette Walter Street is in Haghill

#13 - The Mentalist replied on the 11/07/2017 5:01:27 PM

Does it really matter?

#14 - jeanette replied on the 11/07/2017 11:15:08 PM

Mentalist, I can't speak for anyone else but I was interested because my grandmother lived in Walter St about 100 years ago and I'm pretty sure that the census from that time names Walter St as Dennistoun. However, she attended Haghill Primary. So for me it's purely for genealogical accuracy.

#15 - James Mc replied on the 12/07/2017 10:44:37 PM

It does matter! Well, not really, but it matters to some.

When I was growing up, Haghill was a scary place - the housing and general amounts of poverty made it the poor cousin of Dennistoun.

During the 80s, when many of the tenements along the Haghill stretch of Cumbernauld road went on sale, estate agents would call it "Dennistoun" in order to make it sound a bit more saleable. I knew people from Corsock St who claimed they lived in Dennistoun, I don't blame them but it wasn't factually correct.

The gap has narrowed in recent years. The really bad bits of Haghill have gone, and its been improved with renovations and new builds. Dennistoun is no longer a "middle class" enclave, it's gotten more cosmopolitan. The boundaries are blurring.

Now you get Bridgeton advertising itself as Dennistoun. It's flattering, I suppose. People are always going to describe their area in the most attractive way.

#16 - The Mentalist replied on the 13/07/2017 11:13:56 AM

Well, some estate agents advertise Dennistoun as Merchant City. That's like saying Partick is Milngavie ;)

#17 - jackie replied on the 14/07/2017 2:05:31 PM

LOL,at the Mentalist,i'm a Milingavie GUY been living in Dennistoun for 32years now,couldn't have found a better place.[Craigpark]

#18 - Koze replied on the 16/07/2017 11:54:22 PM

I live just off Cumbernauld Road and I call it Dennistoun for the sole reason that Haghill is a truly awful name for a place.

#19 - James Mc replied on the 17/07/2017 3:41:20 PM

The Gaelic name for Haghill is "Cnoc na Cailliche" - which literally means "hill of the old woman" or "hill of the witch" (or "hill of the hag" if you want)

Out of all the possible translations, Haghill is probably the least attractive. I suspect places grow into the image that their names suggest.

Witch-hill is better in my opinion. Grannie-hill. Old-bag-hill.

#20 - The Mentalist replied on the 18/07/2017 11:05:48 AM

Haghill has been a name associated with the area for centuries. Dennistoun was the name of some random guy ;)

#21 - James Mc replied on the 19/07/2017 3:00:27 PM

Not random, just some rich dude who wanted to build posh houses, started building his grand plan (the villas to the west), then got cold feet and cashed in by building tenements instead. Made loads of cash, named streets after his kids. Then died.

No idea who the Hag was.

#22 - Caroline replied on the 14/10/2020 7:40:10 PM

So the boundary between them is where Alexandra Parade ends and connects with Cumbernauld Road, hence Duke Street train station is in Haghill?! Always wondered as I knew Dennistoun wasn't that big an area, an older, richer history to Haghill and one of the earliest settlements that made up what we now know as Glasgow.

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