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External Render work recommendations

Liam posted on the 16/09/2018 5:02:10 PM

Hi there,
Can anyone recommend company's / individuals to do some external render work to the bay window area of my third storey flat? Also if anyone has had similar work done in the past can you advise expected costs / issues etc.
Thanks in advance,

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#1 - john replied on the 19/09/2018 7:46:13 PM

the biggest cost there would be for Scaffolding rather than the actual repair work, even for a short span of Scaffolding reaching the third floor by a specialist scaffolding team could cost about a grand (but that usually includes the removal cost too)

#2 - anon replied on the 20/09/2018 11:57:31 PM

if your neighbour on the ground floor has a private garden then you will have to have a word with him/her, they might not want to have scaffolding put up in their garden, and all the damage, mess and noise that goes with the work and legally they can refuse access.
offer to take photos of her garden before the work and promise to have everything returned to that condition after the workmen have finished.
if there is no garden but just a pubic street below your window then you will need permission from the council to put up scaffolding - you cant just close down part of the street because you want work done.

#3 - CV3V replied on the 21/09/2018 12:25:49 PM

Worth checking the title deeds, in a flat external repairs should be considered a communal repair to the building so its in all the residents interests to assist in whatever way in getting it done. although its your part of the wall its a communal (external) wall. e.g. roof repairs arent the responsibility of a top floor flat, but all residents.

You can get the light aluminium scaffolding for short duration repairs which is very quick to assemble, and should be possible for third floor (sure i saw it being used in the drives last year by someone).

#4 - anon replied on the 22/09/2018 9:36:48 PM

Yep, I agree with CV3V, check the title deeds, but external stuff is communal. I'm an owner-occupier and had some repairs done to my ground floor bay window and replaced the air vents under my 2 bedroom windows. I found out a year later from one of the landlords they were communal issues and I could have gone through the factor. Check that too - is your building factored in some way? I'd go that route.

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