Alexandra Park FLAG POLE height

Captain Bryn Wayt posted on the 17/10/2018 11:49:24 PM

I was born and bred in the east end of Glasgow in 1943 - Dennistoun. As a baby my parents and I were on the top flat of 702 Alexandra Parade.
Needless to say when I was much older I played up "AllyPark".

My question is this: does anybody know what height the FLAG POLE was that dominated the highest point.
It was a very large pole and had a very thick base with about 4 steel wire guy ropes (maybe more ?). Can anybody help please.
My guess is at least 50 feet high.
Kindest wishes,
Captain Bryn Wayt
Now living in England.

#1 - Alan replied on the 20/10/2018 8:29:09 AM

i well remember it , it had gone by the late sixties ,as I recall the timber had rotted and was considered a hazard ! Do you recollect the coronation in 1953 and the huge flag and the fireworks display on the golf course with fireworks on effigies of prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth ? On a more sombre note you were of an age to remember the fear that gripped Dennistoun and indeed the whole East end of Glasgow when Peter Manuel was on his murderous mission , as I recall it was thought that he murdered a lady by the name of Annie Stelle in Aberfoyle St .

#2 - Bryn replied on the 25/11/2018 10:42:26 AM

Hello Alan,
Thanks for the reply, and some added detail, and that murder of Annie Stelle.
I did not know that was her name, but I do remember the hullabaloo at the time. So much so my mother (RIP) reported to the police she saw a man running westwards on the north side of Alexandra Parade (from the wee bowling green area) at a time that may have corresponded with the murder - but it all came to nothing.
My mother had a habit of leaning out the window and watching life go by on a regular basis.
I can;t remember if the police caught anybody for that murder, but I do remember the times.
Thanks again Alan.

#3 - Alan replied on the 30/11/2018 2:25:36 AM

Annie Steele, battered to death in her flat in Aberfoyle Street, Glasgow only a week or so after the brutal killing of Anne Kneilands in January 1956. Manuel was not in prison then & it took place not that far from his usual haunts, anyway, he was often in the city. The police suspected that it was committed by a housebreaker whom this poor lady disturbed. She was brutally beaten with a poker - shades of the iron bar used on Anne Kneilands only days before? Some children, I think, saw a person shinning down the ronepipe & someone saw a "youth aged about 17" running along Cumbernauld Road at the time. Probably for a brief moment from a distance and completely by surprise - Manuel was wiry and athletic. As with so much else, we'll likely never know for sure.

#4 - Robert Stewart replied on the 17/02/2020 1:26:16 AM

My sister and I lived in the prefabs in Cumbernauld Road looking up Aberfoyle Street and the night of Miss Steels murder we were playing and saw a man running across Cumbernauld Road and climbing the fence into the park.We are twins and were 9 years old at the time.

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