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Whitehill pool

Frank Plowright posted on the 6/01/2019 8:52:24 PM

In case people haven't yet heard, there are concerns from members of Whitehill Swimming Club about Glasgow Council considering the closure of Whitehill Pool as part of 2019 spending cuts. A council spokesman has attempted to dampen concerns by claiming the suggestion is only an option at the moment, designed to help people consider the value, and the impact of potential savings. I don't find that very reassuring. What's not mentioned, but immediately comes to mind, is how many more blocks of flats could be built on the land, enabling the double bonus of saving costs via closure, and the windfall of selling the land //

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#1 - anon replied on the 8/01/2019 10:27:26 PM

there is a petition against the closure of the pool , there is a link in Whitehill swimming clubs twitter page, we need as many signatures as possible to let the council know how strongly we feel about the possible closure

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