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Finlay Drive new flats building site

MJ posted on the 15/01/2019 1:44:28 PM


I live in a flat on Finlay drive, although I'm not directly opposite the new development my flat is shaking. I feel it any time I lie in bed and they're using the brick brushing thing. I'm seriously worried about the building safety - is there anyone I can formally contact about it?

Are any of other resudents experiencing this?


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#1 - anon replied on the 15/01/2019 4:30:57 PM

I would contact the building company doing the work, they are legally bound to ensure their construction work doesn't effect surrounding properties, you should have a word with your neighbours both upstairs and downstairs from you, also check with neighbours in the closes next to you

#2 - MJ replied on the 16/01/2019 10:13:27 AM

*crushing not brushing
*residents not resudents

Sorry about those typos.

I will have a chat with neighbors. I'm on top floor, so I really thought it wouldn't affect me. Thank you for the advice.

#3 - CV3V replied on the 16/01/2019 1:02:01 PM

You need to contact the council's environmental health department and report it. Also have a word with the other residents in the block to see if they are affected.

Vibration might affect a top floor more than a ground floor, all to do with oscillation e.g. you are more affected by wind than ground floor, vibration could be amplified.

#4 - James Mc Nair replied on the 16/01/2019 6:55:35 PM

Stay at 0/1 90 Finlay Drive myself and other neighbours have been feeling strong vibrations in the building. Coming from the pile driving work at 100 Finlay Drive !6/1/2019

#5 - Anon replied on the 17/01/2019 11:25:15 AM

They started breaking concrete with a jack hammer today at 07.50. I'm 100 yards away. The noise is ridiculous!

#6 - CV3V replied on the 18/01/2019 1:18:43 PM

Guys - you all need to complain, and keep complaining, to council environmental health. It's a residential area, they shouldn't be starting any noisy work before 8 am. Check the planning application approval, there will be limits on working hours.

In terms of vibration, you need to register your complaint so its formalised. If in 4 weeks time you notice a crack in your plaster but hadnt complained your case is weakened. Yes there will be disruption, but the contractor can change their working methods to minimise the nuisance it causes. At the moment, if no-one has complained then they will keep working the way they currently are.

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