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Squeaky floor boards

Clare posted on the 13/02/2019 11:03:03 PM

Every floor board in the room above my bedroom creaks and squeaks so I need to have a chat with my neighbours. I am assuming this is an easy fix - carpet up, screw the boards back down and then re lay carpet and job done, so it isn't going to be expensive?
Not sure how receptive they are going to be as they currently walk around with shoes on but keeping my fingers crossed. Measured the noise levels with the creaks and it gets up to 47 dcb which sounds a lot noisier at 2am. I am sure some people out there feel my pain.

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#1 - ANON_L replied on the 14/02/2019 1:07:56 PM

I wouldnt assume its an easy job. We moved in to flat with squeaky floor boards and they were a nightmare to fix. Some had to be replaced as well.

#2 - Setphaserstomalky replied on the 14/02/2019 2:33:15 PM

Are you sure they have a carpet? So many of these flats have stripped floorboards (horrendous for anyone living directly below them).

#3 - Clare replied on the 14/02/2019 7:51:22 PM

Thanks for advising it might not be as straight forward as I thought. Definitely carpeted as they have bare floorboards in other rooms - happy to live with that but I would like to be able to sleep. :-)

#4 - CV3V replied on the 15/02/2019 1:04:07 PM

I feel guilty just reading this! The squeaky floorboards in my flat are all along the lines where the central heating was installed in the past, because they are tongue and groove which were then cut out they dont go back down as well - I have tried a few times to fix and will be trying again when my neighbours are out for the day. I also get the noise from the flat above me, feel like offering to buy them some carpets.

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