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Junkies in the close

Geoff posted on the 6/04/2019 12:48:21 PM

Hey folks, just a quick callout for people to be vigilant. Came down stairs this morning to two junkies (one man, one woman) shooting up in the close (Duke St). They weren't for leaving but I insisted and eventually got rid of them. The guy said they would just come back when I was gone. If they do come back I'll call the police out.

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#1 - anon replied on the 7/04/2019 4:30:51 PM

once they set up in your close it can be hard to get rid of them, talk to your neighbours and ask them to make sure they close the intercom door after then and not just let anybody in who presses their intercom button without checking who they are.
maybe take a wee walk down the stairs every evening to check they are not there, if they are call the police to take them away, any clothing and bedding that they leave or store in your close goes straight in the bin
if you make life uncomfortable as possibile for them they will move elsewhere

#2 - Concerned replied on the 8/04/2019 8:44:59 AM

Yeah, I can attest to that. You will never get rid of them unless you get the police. Don't confront these guys yourself.

#3 - Lucy replied on the 8/04/2019 12:51:37 PM

Carceral solutions are not the answer to vulnerable people with health problems.

#4 - Boo replied on the 9/04/2019 10:17:46 AM

"Carceral solutions are not the answer to vulnerable people with health problems."

But people who work hard to keep a roof over their heads also have the right to live in a place which is not overrun by junkies.

#5 - CV3V replied on the 9/04/2019 4:36:26 PM

Carceral, as in send to prison? Nobody is suggesting that, however someone taking drugs on what is private property definitely warrants a phone call to the police for some help. There are many vulnerable residents who will feel scared/intimidated by this happening in their close. Also if they are discarding the syringes in the close then that represents a huge health risk from getting pricked by a syringe or even worse a child picking them up. So why should residents take that risk? Why should residents pay for the specialist clean up of syringes?

A lot of drug taking happened at the old meatmarket site, under the sheds, but the fencing was fixed - so it probably moved the problem on.

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