Crow Man

Martin posted on the 13/07/2019 6:48:22 PM

Hi, I am working on a BBC film , and the main character interacts with various birds,
I live in dennistoun, and frequently see a man walking along (usually Alexandra parade) followed by crows.
I am trying to track him down.
If anyone has any idea how i can get in touch with him, please get in touch.
Many Thanks

#1 - Aileen Mac replied on the 18/07/2019 4:40:15 PM

Hi Martin, i believe the man you are referring to is who we all call "crow man" his name is Leo and his beautiful dog is called Ika. Unfortunatley he doesn't live in Dennistoun anymore. I think he moved away to the west end, though he sometimes still comes over to Alexandra Park occasionally to see some old friends who he meets in the park. If i see him I will certainly give him a message that you would like him to get in touch.

#2 - Martin replied on the 18/07/2019 6:15:57 PM

Hi Aileen,
Thank you very much.
I have managed to make contact with, via some other asking about, and people being very helpful.
Thanks for responding.

#3 - anon replied on the 26/07/2019 11:18:04 PM

there is a bird man who feeds all the birds in the grass space at the top of whitehill street/Alexandra Parade, he lives locally and is there feeding the birds a couple of loafs of bread every day and has put up some hanging bird feeders in some of the trees there, he brings a long pole to refill those feeders with seed and balls of fat, he is really nice and easy to talk to

#4 - anon replied on the 14/10/2019 10:17:46 AM

There is a man on a Saturday morning up the eastern necropolis, across from cinema @ Forge who feeds all the birds

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