New Legislation for AirBnBs and Short-Stay Lets

Mary Barbour posted on the 19/07/2019 3:33:51 AM

Just to let folk know : As of 2017 it's illegal to let an entire flat for short-stay lets in buildings with shared entrances/closes. Planning permission is denied to anyone wanting to do this, especially in Dennistoun -- but it's complaints-based, so people are chancing it based on others not knowing the rules or complaining. If you experience noise disturbance, parking issues, overflowing rubbish, or safety issues from rentals via AirBnB or (or if you just disagree with available housing being used in this manner, driving up rents and stretching resources) -- you can contact the council planning department to file an online complaint. There's a phone number there too, but things move faster via the form. The neighbourhood has been flooded with party flats, and this is a way to hopefully slow down the damage. Good luck!

#1 - anon replied on the 26/07/2019 11:07:04 PM

Thanks - thats really handy to know, we have got a few of those in our street and it can get a bit loud at times - the owners dont care as long as they are getting paid, and just fob our complaints off

#2 - Swan replied on the 29/07/2019 10:21:32 AM

Thank you, Mary Barbour, for raising awareness of this.
Anon, you should definitely complain. The online form is easy, you can attach a link to any short-term letting websites the property is advertised on, and the council will act. It sounds like you're already having problems, which is a shame, but you can complain solely on the existence of a whole-flat short-term let in your close - your close is your home, not a hotel lobby, so you should not have to deal with random strangers in communal areas.
Also, short-term lets push rental prices up for people who want a long-term home, not just somewhere to crash. In some parts of Edinburgh, entire tenements have no permanent residents - I'd hate to see such a devastating effect on communities here in Glasgow.

#3 - Son Of Onslow replied on the 30/07/2019 10:13:17 PM

There has been an increasing transition to this type of letting practice as there is now a moratorium on multiple occupancy in Dennistoun . It also avoids the increasing legislation with regards to multiple occupancies and the cost of applying to same , there is also safety issues due to short term tenants not knowing the emergency systems and practices in addition to stopcocks and security .

#4 - Rob replied on the 5/08/2019 12:21:28 AM

Mary you need to get your facts right. Its not illegal to do short lets in a flat. If its 3 or more unrelated in persons then that is questionable.

#5 - David replied on the 17/08/2019 9:40:22 AM

The new planning act 2019 is not in force yet. This gives councils the power to make the use of a flat for short term let's require planning permission in an identified area ( a bit like designating a conservation area). Only then will it automatically require planning permission. But as I said the 2019 act not yet in force. The reference to three people comes from the need for a license to operate an HMO and is not related to planning.

A few appeal decisions have clarified that a change in the character or use of the flat can take place by Use for short term let's but this will need to be determined at present on a case by case basis. However lack of security in a shared close seems to carry a lot of weight in the decisions lately. A few recent examples can be found on the DPEA website if you do simple search and pull up Glasgow city council.

Hope this clarifies a bit.

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