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Dodi posted on the 13/10/2019 1:06:43 PM

I have just answered my buzzer to two women talking, they would not respond when I asked who was there so I did not let them in the close. Someone else has buzzed them in. I waited in the stairwell and they headed for the top of the building and explained they were looking for polish speaking people in the building. I advised there was none and they left right away. When they went out onto the street there were 3 men and a child waiting at the top of the hill for them. This just seems unusual and suspicious if they are trying to gain entry into closes this way. Be vigilant.

#1 - anon replied on the 14/10/2019 8:00:08 PM

more likely they were wanting access to the close to see if there were any unlocked doors, well done for confronting them, too many people dont care if their neighbours get robbed those days, they just hide behind their door then moan about it on the forum

#2 - anon replied on the 15/10/2019 4:17:18 PM

There are a lot of reports same as this on the Dennistoun Facebook page.

#3 - Anon replied on the 18/10/2019 4:18:46 PM

Dodi were the 2 women Polish?Or it could`ve been completely innocent! perhaps they were Polish and were looking for others of same nationality who live in the vicinity. or perhaps they were Jehovah Witness`
3 men 2 women and a child looking to break in to houses I think its unlikely

#4 - Dodi replied on the 29/10/2019 5:03:28 PM

Anon#3 you're right! 3 men two women and a child is unlikely! Also a good guise, as most who I've said to about this have said. But I couldn't convey everything in a paragraph. The men were not standing with the child the child was across the road and down keeping an edgy for something, the men were standing about 600ft up the street with black Tammie's/balaclavas and scarves, their faces were hidden. When I followed them to the top of the building and asked why they didn't reply when I asked who it was, they were acting super sketchy and tried to leave sharp. I'm not a silly wee billy, I've lived in several European countries. I know what people look like when they are up to no good. I never felt the need to go into security door flats, checking doors to see if people spoke English, there are plenty initiatives in place for them to seek help with the English language, I used to teach this so I can say. I am lucky enough to live in a close that 80% of flats are owned and I know all the neighbours well, so we don't have the issue of randoms coming and going. There would have been no reason for them checking storm doors. I just thought I'd post a note saying to people to watch out. It wasn't right and I know it wasn't. Folks can acknowledge the advice or let it wash over you down into the Molendinar burn...

#5 - Nat replied on the 30/10/2019 12:26:02 PM

Dodi.. can I ask where abouts in Dennistoun this happened? Very worrying.

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